Thursday, March 23, 2006

Changes cont.

As some of you know the ‘IT’ I referred to earlier is that I gave notice to my current employer. I couldn’t say anything as management wanted to handle the announcement. Also, I generally try hard not to talk about work stuff here, but sometimes it’s really, really hard, and I just want to tell all the stories (good and bad), but alas I refrain.

On to the new and exciting happenings in my life.
I have accepted an offer to join another company. I will be taking 2 glorious weeks off between leaving here, and going there.
What is on the list of things we might do? Well we are still trying to figure that out. On the list so far:

  • Hang out with friends
  • Chill Time
  • House Projects
  • Cross Country Trip - Fly to PA and drive back Eric’s truck
  • Resort Trip to Mexico or other Vacation destination
  • Camping/Local Road Trips
  • Taxes (newly added, Thanks Liz for reminding me!)

This is where we left the list last night when we were looking online at one way tickets to PA, and found it difficult to find anything reasonable in the best timeframe to get most of those other things done. However, I needed a little break from work and spent 5 minutes looking at flights today and found a one way flight to PA for $97each. The date is 1 day sooner then what we wanted originally, but we will just have to spend a day in Pittsburgh hanging out. E’s best friend lives in Pittsburgh so hopefully he’ll have some time that day and they can get in some good guy time, and I can get to know his new wife better. A bonus would be if we could crash with them so we don’t have to pay for a hotel that night. The flight is also a red-eye which E hates, but he’ll get over it. And the flight is also leaving the night of my LAST DAY! So the excitement of the day will be that much greater!

E’s mom flies into Pitt the next day from her trip to Nashville, so we will meet her at the airport and catch a ride home with her. She will be so excited. Then maybe we will spend a day with his parents, get an awesome steak at our favorite country steakhouse, Torillo's, and then on the road we will go. We should get home in 5 days from there, and that will still give us 8 days before I start the new job! Technically we could get home in 3-4 days, but I’ve never driven across country so we will likely take some detours and stop places to visit E’s friends. Maybe even catch the Grand Canyon. (Please send route and stopping point suggestions!!!!)

The catch in all of this…. I found the deal online while E was in class, so I haven’t run it by him. Y'all know how quickly those online airline deals are bought up, so I had to act quickly. Hopefully he will not be upset that I bought the tickets without consulting him, and will be just as excited as I am. I know, I’m taking a chance, but we have a couple’s therapy appointment tonight anyway, so he can yell at me there if he wants to.


**Update: E was thrilled with the news and has already contacted his parents who may be even more excited then we are.


J said...

YAY!!! Too fun. I'm glad you're planning to drive slower and see a few things. I've driven twice and never stopped to see ANYTHING. Enjoy!

Autumn's Mom said...


Tracy said...

Yay, Cherry! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee, indeeeeeeeeeeed! Thanks for the comment you left on my blog yesterday! And happy trails for your travels! I can't wait to read about your adventures with E. Sound like fun. Road trips with loved ones are the best.

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