Monday, March 27, 2006

Home Improvements

What is the best way to get motivated to do home improvement projects? Go to open houses to see what others have done. When you see how much they are able to ask for practically the same floor plan you have… you sure will be motivated to get down to home depot and get to that long list of “To Do’s” that have been hanging over you since you moved in.

That’s what we did yesterday. We came home from looking at the multitude of open house viewings in our town home complex, got out our list of all the projects we’ve wanted to do and started prioritizing them. Then we looked at the freakin’ cheap ass laminate wood flooring I bought over a year ago that is still sitting in boxes in our living room. Thought about returning it or selling it on Craigslist, and getting something of better quality. Thought about whether to replace or not replace the windows, the popcorn ceiling texture, and the kitchen cabinets.

We thought a lot.

Then I think we sat down on the couch, and suddenly it was Monday. Maybe next week we’ll think about it some more.

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Tracy said...

How thoughtful of you!