Monday, February 12, 2007

The Weekend where I catch up

So this weekend was going to be the weekend I catch up on everything I've fallen behind on.
My list included:
  1. Work
  2. Groom Kitties including trimming the nails
  3. Filling up the car with gas at Costco - a tank a week adds up
  4. Doing my nails
  5. Work
  6. Knit another skein worth of the baby blanket
  7. Scrub the bathroom
  8. Laundry - including putting it all away
  9. Bills
  10. Work
  11. General errands
  12. Vacuum
  13. Scrub those spots in the carpet which I swore I already scrubbed before
  14. Organize Closets
  15. Make Goodwill run
  16. Work
  17. Organize pile o' papers in office
  18. Call friends I never seem to call
  19. Work
  20. etc.
Guess what? It took me longer then a weekend to fall behind, and therefore I should have considered that when I took on this challenge. At least I got one hand worth of nails filed (while sitting on the toilet no doubt..yes, yes, TMI), the knitting part completed, the cat's got groomed but their nails were not trimmed and the bathroom scrubbed! Holy Crap! My bathtub and shower curtain are supposed to be white! Perhaps I'll put that load of laundry that is in the dryer away next weekend, when I start another cycle of weekend catch up.

Oh yea, and one other thing that has been on the list for weeks and it was finally completed... pouring Draino down the bathroom sink. We try to keep to a pretty low-toxin household, but now that it's draining just like it did when we put in that sink, I suppose I have to admit that hair + greasey build up (and no I do not want to think about where the greasy build-up comes from) = slow draining sink + caustic chemicals = smooth drain. So do you? Do you ever think about where the greasy build-up comes from?


ML said...

Man, that's one HUGE list, and I'm impressed by how much you got accomplished!

Yes, from time to time, I do wonder where the greasy build up comes from. Then I dry heave, pour some drano or liquid plumber down the drain and erase it from my mind.

beenzzz said...

That is a very lengthy list. Good luck with it. I need to make a list as well. I swear that everything is piling up and falling behind in my world. UGH!!!

Anonymous said...

think the grease can come from hair conditioner if you it regularly, and yeh, body and hair mostly