Thursday, February 22, 2007

Raining On The Inside

We haven't had much rain this winter, but through the night and into the morning it came down hard with a short burst of hail. It was pretty windy too, so the rain was going every which way.

I've been in my home office working today, and have stayed upstairs for most of the day, being able to look out our window at the now sunny blue sky I had no need to go downstairs until I was hungry. Then when I went downstairs to get some lunch, I noticed that the paint around the kitchen window was bubbled up and cracked. Of course I felt the need to poke at it, and down came the paint in chunks. OH GOODIE! The drywall that was exposed is all wet. YAY!

I called the window company that replaced our windows last summer and they are coming out tomorrow. We also removed the patio cover that was protecting that window, so hopefully there weren't any cracks in the stucco which I might have missed in my caulking crusades. The shed that is adjacent to that wall also recently had its roof replaced, so hopefully there aren't any complications with that. If it is due to the shed, at least I can just call the HOA.

Home ownership is fun. Home ownership is fun.


Py Korry said...

Ooooh crap. If it's the window company's fault, then they ought to pick up the bill on the damage.

beenzzz said...

Oh no! I hope it was just the small portion of dry wall that was wet and the window company can just take care of it. They probably didn't install it correctly. I'll keep my fingers crossed! Home ownership can be a bear sometimes. I think we had a washer flood disaster and a clogged kitchen sink all in one week. The clog took forever to deal with!

ML said...

I really hope they can fix it and pick up the cost as well! I'm so sorry that happened!