Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Women and their shoes

Yesterday a friend of mine commented about how he's puzzled by the woman's need to have many different shoes, and asked if I could explain what is the root of this need.

Well I am probably not the best woman to ask, as I am missing the shoe buying love gene and I am stuck in jeans and t-shirts due to my lack of fashion sense and poor body image. In fact, I do believe that E has more shoes then I do. I find shoes to be beautiful, but I'm not a big purchaser because my feet are hard to fit. I'm an odd sort of woman that is way too practical and I tend not to buy something if I can't walk in it, it hurts or I'm not going to wear it on a regular basis. I never learned how to properly walk in heels, and I will twist my ankle wearing tennis shoes (I often pronate and walk a little like a duck). I have purchased the occasional shoe for a specific outfit, all to often to never be worn a second time. The most repeated shoe in my closet is an array of flip flops and perhaps the same pair of running shoes because they were on sale and I finally found a model that feels good on my poor feet.

Girls ... speak up. Why do most women need to buy such an assortment of shoes?

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J said...

I have my core shoes that I wear all of the time, which are my sandals in the summer, and my hush puppies in the winter. Then I have my boots, which I wore once this winter. Other than that, my upstairs is full of shoes that go with exactly one thing in my closet, and sometimes nothing in my closet, if I've gotten rid of the dress I bought them to go with. But they're still in good shape, so I'm hesitant to get rid of them. Sigh. I don't understand purse obsessions, or the flip flop craze (High arches, so my feet like more support than that) but I do love me some shoes.