Monday, June 05, 2006

Weekend in Review

Since I started this blog as a public journal (why people want to journal publicly I still don't totally know), I suppose I should jot down some updates from the weekend, instead of focusing only on the weekday (per J's example). Don't worry, next time I'll try to be more brief.

Last week I left you with the woes of home projects. Luckily this weekend included none of those!

Friday night...
I started the weekend off right with an evening with my friend Liz, where we got our piggies all done up at a new nail salon that opened up by her house. Much fancier then any I had been too. I don't get pedicures often enough to know the industry standard, but this place was the first where I experienced the Pedi-spa massage chair. Imagine a warm whirlpool spa for your tootsies, and a loungy massage chair for your achin back. They were a little understaffed for the walk-in crowd, but we simply got some dinner, and then came back. I think they did a pretty good job (although there was an action/suspense movie playing on their plasma TVs which wasn't so relaxing). More over, it was fun to relax and chat, plus the price was right ($20 plus a 20% discount - don't know where the discount came from, but I'll take it!).

On Saturday morning, we totally slept in (Ahhhh!), and then the HOA recommended plumber came to give us an estimate for the new water heater and replacing the main shutoff valve and hose bib. He was VERY fast, he was in and out and I had a very reasonable estimate in my hand (HE's HIRED!). Later in the day I went to get my hair done, but the silly appointment making people didn't schedule me for highlights, so I just got a cut. Cheaper, but not what I was hoping for. I waited 2 months to get a Saturday afternoon spot with my girl, and now I have to go back on a weeknight to get the highlights. Grrr. But she did a great job. And she is very careful to get everything right. She styled it, and played with a bunch of products to find what would work well with my finicky hair (taking into account what I already had at home - she wants to get product sales, but is very honest and reasonable). So now... I have BANGS! Long bangs, the kind that sweep to one side. I've had them before (after J got them because I want to be her), but then I let them grow out. And now they are back, a little different, and I think more fun.

That night we putz about, did laundry and some general neatening and grocery shopping. I chatted with my buddy Jon who was in town visiting family and we made plans for Sunday. Then I made the ultimate dinner (which I had never had before but have fantasized about), Fondue. I baked off some really nice sourdough, and steamed broccoli, and made fondue with garlic, beer, water, lemon juice, Emmentaler, Fontina, and random leftover cheeses. It was very nice, and I tried to be good and not eat too much. We enjoyed the CHEEEEESE and munchies while we watched Ice Age (slow beginning, but still made me cry at the end). I didn't know anything about the movie before we watched it, so it was a surprise.

Started off with a hike with E and Jon at 8 freakin o'clock in the morning. We hiked a 2 mile loop that E and I used to do daily to keep in shape for Backpacking in Yosemite. It has a number of steep hills, and then a gentle ending through a wooded area. I knew I was out of shape, but golly! My ass, hips and calves are sure sore today. After the hike we met up with Jon's family for a lovely brunch at a local Mexican restaurant, La Pinata. Yummy! Since I had hiked, I splurged and got Chirozo and Eggs. Yummy and not too greasy (but way more chorizo then eggs). I was good and didn't eat it all. It was pretty cheap and the portions were HUGE (let's just say that E couldn't come close to finishing his Carnita Fajitas). My mom came over after lunch, and while I worked on some computer work for her, she and E had some Ice Cream and visited (I like that he visits with my mom). Then we finished the afternoon with a roaring game of Upwords (mom loves the games).

Sounds like a fun day so far but wait! E took a nap and had some work he had to do, so I went to run errands. Among the errands, I needed to go to the mall to get some eye cream. And then the mall sucked me in. First I bought more then eye cream at Origins. And then on my way to Gap to look at jeans, Ann Taylor called to me. I bought a skirt which I love, that was NOT ON SALE. Then on to Gap, where I bought jeans (that don't hug to tight and do not come in at the knees too much just to flare out too far). They aren't perfect per Stacey and Clinton standards, but pretty good for $30 jeans, baby steps (oh and one pair was on sale for $19). I bought many tops but will be taking some back after a fashion show with E. We picked out the colors that really worked the best for me. And then I found an H&M in our mall, they were closing soon so I did the unthinkable of grabbing stuff that was cute, knowing most of it would have to be returned. Only one top survived the cut. I finished the shopping up at Target, and got EVERYTHING on my list. Phew! All that in 2 hours.

I'm saying that was a good weekend (minus not being able to sleep last night). I felt motivated, and didn't get stuck on the couch for extended periods of time.

Next weekend - an all day alternative rock concert in San Jose with some great frieneds, followed by a day of recovery. Maybe I should ask for Monday off now?

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J said...

LOVE the skirt, and so would Stacy and Clinton. :) Sounds like a LOVELY pedicure, too, and all around nice weekend. Yay! I need a pedi soon...I'll probably do it myself this time, go in next money that way. ;)