Monday, June 19, 2006

Where did my weekend go?

I'm sleepy. I'm cranky. It's that time of month (even though my Dr put me on that once in 3 months plan, but my body has rebelled and has been causing me unjust pain, bloating and crankiness for the last week so I'm giving in and giving the pills a rest) Oh, and I think that has been why I've been so tired and numb feeling and generally poopy.

I started the weekend off with a fun Friday evening out with some of my bestest of friends. I was feeling crappy but I popped some tylenol and that helped a little. (sorry for being so poopy guys!). We even went to a variety of shoe stores but nothing was inspiring me to whip out my wallet.

On Saturday, we went to a nursery in American Canyon that has a nice variety of fruit trees and shrubs. Eric found a fellow edible landscaper and the two of them chatted and picked out plants for one of Eric's clients. Eric was thrilled, and it was a good resource find for him but I got sunburned and the crankiness began to set in.

After too much traffic on I80 and what Eric pointed out to be a silent drive home, I cooked up a surprisingly tasty pasta dish. We debated going out, but I knew we had veggies at home that I needed to use and the crankiness was overtaking me so I knew dining out would not be an enjoyable experience, so I just threw something together at home. DAMN it was really good, and sadly there was none left for my lunch today. I made a ragout with eggplant, crimini mushrooms, tons of garlic, diced tomatoes and tomato sauce. I debated between putting it over polenta or penne, and opted for the penne because I simply can't make polenta unless I use cream, butter, wine and CHEESE. Plus, since I am trying to watch my portions and calories and need to somehow feed Eric's insatiable appetite (no really, it is very difficult to get him full), I went for the pasta because he could easily pile tons of pasta with the sauce, and I could eat the sauce with just a little pasta.

After this yummy meal, I started felling really worn out and got even more cranky, so I went to bed around 7pm, to be woken up by some drunk forgetting he needed to make a turn outside our place and jumped the curb and ran into a tree. That is NOT how I like to be woken up. We feared Eric's trunk was hit so we ran outside, to see the drunkard, turning around and running home with a flat tire and his tail between his legs (we assume he was drunk, but possibly just having a moment of the stupids).

Sunday consisted of sleeping in, a morning walk with Eric, and shopping. It felt like I spent hours at the mall and other various stores, trying on clothes and shoes and feeling self-conscience about everything. My toes are too long, my feet are too big, I don't know how to walk in heels, do people actually think THAT is cute? (Note to self... do not shop on the first day of your period when you are feeling crappy and bloated).

I honestly don't feel like I accomplished much this weekend besides some laundry, grocery shopping, buying some shorts for Eric and lots of sleeping. Maybe it's what I needed, but I sure do feel like it went by too fast. I will be sitting here for the 5 days, dreaming for the next weekend to come quickly.


Tracy said...

Hi Cherry! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog earlier today. I know what you mean...I have all these blog buddies who I haven't officially met, but I'm totally rooting for them in their lives because I "know" them through their blogs. Thanks for your happiness for me. It actually means a lot. I hope that one day I can meet you NoCal girls when I am up that way. It would be so fun to put a face with the blog!

Autumn's Mom said...

I had the blahs this weekend. We got Friday started off right, but it just went down hill from there. Must be in the air. Let's make sure the next weekend is much better.


J said...

I'm looking forward to 4th of july weekend....4 days off! YAY!

Sorry for the grouchyness, but your weekend sounds pretty ok outside of that.