Monday, June 26, 2006


What an awesome weekend I had. Eric had to work all weekend so I had free license to hang out with friends. We attempted to do little bits of housework all week, so it didn't all HAVE to get done on the weekend.

The weekend started off with a BANG, with the opening day of the Alameda County Faire and the fireworks show. I joined some friends at the faire after work, and we looked at the bunnies, birds and goats, and then set up a nice spot under some trees to try to get some relief from the heat, and we all had some tasty food and let the little ones run around. The faire put on a great show of fireworks, and I got some pictures of the kids seeing their first fireworks. Neither of them got really scared, even though we were really close and some of them made some big BANGs. They were great little troupers, and seemed to love the lights.

Saturday was a fun and relaxing day hanging out with Dot for her birthday. I didn't realize it, but I was there ALL DAY long. It was great to just sit and hang out. Of course her neighbor from across the street kept egging her on to have a little extra fun with our good friend Jose (it was actually Sauza, but it all does the same thing). This is her after the 2nd shot. wooo hooo!

Sunday, I had another birtday get together with an old co-worker. We had brunch at Mudd's in San Ramon. Which was yummy. They weren't very busy, and the crowd was... well... OLD. The food was tasty though, but I did leave a little hungry. So I called up Liz (since I was already almost down to her place) and we went to lunch and ran some errands. She claims she wouldn't have gotten all of her shopping done without me there which I still can't comprehend, but I suppose an extra set of hands and extra attention to entertain a toddler while shopping is helpful. I had fun so it was no trouble to me. I like dancing funny and running around her little monkey to make him laugh. And trying to decypher what he's saying is always a good game too.

After the monkey went down for a nap, we went off to look at some SHOES! I found one pair of sandles at shoe pavillion which are so comfortable but I'll probably fall off of the 2 inch heel, and I got about 5 pairs of flip flops from Old Navy. When I was showing off my purchases, Eric said "Do you NEED all of those colors?" Of course I responded with, "yes!", and he had the best response of "oh. well then ok." (He's learning... good boy!) But then I thought, I really don't NEED them all, but I think I'd spend more on gas to drive them back to the store, then I paid for them. So I'm keeping them. WEeee


J said...

Cute shoes! Great picture of Dot! Good times were had by all. :) Lovely.

I love Mudds, but it is a pretty OLD crowd.

J said...

Oh, and if you tell them (Mudds) it's your anniversary, they'll give you a free glass of champagne. :) You're welcome.

Ted said...

Sounds like a great weekend! I'm curious: can you tell me why having a big selection of shoes is so important for many women? Is it to match outfits? I'm such a guy on this 'cause I just don't get it. :-)