Friday, June 23, 2006

It's Friday! It's Friday!

My last post was on Monday asking where my weekend went and here I am wondering where the hell did the week go?
I just can't seem to take the time to post to my lovely blog lately. I have the time to read the few that I read everyday, and to compose comments for them, but getting my thoughts down for some simple posts for me, just doesn't happen. This new job of mine actually expects me to work all day long, and somehow the thought of turning on the computer when I get home is just not that appealing.

I'm learning how to be brief, so bare with me... a quick summary of this week's post thoughts:

  • Joys and Pains of a mid-week Bon Fire in SF. Awesome time with some great friends and we meet some new ones, but I burned my finger (logs are hot when in a fire and should not be turned with bare hands), and I got a $76 parking ticket, which amazingly I was the only person in the group that didn't really care about it -- must have been the effects of the red bull and the fact that it was already past my bed time.
  • Summer school - The summer semester has begun and I'm taking one class which meets twice a week. Last night I had my first test and realized that my teacher has never taught before and has OBVIOUSLY not worked in the operating system he is teaching about for a LONG, LONG time. He kept saying... this should theoretically work. (and yes that stuff was on the test)
  • Water Heater... check- The first of the 3 current home projects (which require outside help) was completed on Tuesday. Our new water heater was installed (twice, because the first one wouldn't light), along with some other outside plumbing projects. Eric now complains that the water is too hot because we had gotten used to not having to turn on ANY cold water in the shower. All hot, all the time was just right for the shower, but sucky for washing dishes. Now we can say that we have a hot water heater, and not just a water warmer.
Now I'm just working through the day to get to the point where the weekend begins in my office... 4pm and the beer, wine, cheese and other snackies come out (and I sneak out shhhh!)



Autumn's Mom said...

mmmm Snack! See you tomorrow Chaquita! Bring your sunscreen!

J said...

Happy Friday! See you tomorrow! I hope Dot lets us stay inside...too hot outside!