Thursday, June 08, 2006

Loved it then, Love it now

I suppose this is my official moment of getting sucked into the blogworld of tagging and MEMEs and lists of shit, so here goes...

Miss J
wrote a Thursday Thirteen about songs she loved back in the day but is embarrassed to admit to now. She tagged me and I admit I wasn't going to do it, but then all the names of songs and memories started flowing.

I had quite a list, and had to narrow it down to these 13. Mostly, I'm not embarrassed about loving these songs then or now, but most of the embarrassment comes from the image of me singing them over and over and over again, and who I was heart broken over at the time.

  1. More then Words [Extreme] Oh yea... don't tell me, SHOW me you love me. And to think, MEN sang this song! Who knew they knew that love was more then words. Oh wait, I forgot.... it's not just words, it's SEX.
  2. Sailing [Christopher Cross] Takes you away, don't it?
  3. Total Eclipse of the Heart [Bonnie Tyler] You know you know every single word too. Well except maybe that one part about something something the end of the night, something something something, more, I really need your tonight...
  4. You're the Inspiration [Chicago] So young I was, and yet so sappy already
  5. Everything I Do [Bryan Adams] CRIED AND CRIED AND CRIED to this one. This was my James' song. (What? didn't you have a song for every boy you liked? and the moment you hear it, it takes you back to your bedroom while you sang the song over and over again, occasionally shedding a tear?)
  6. Right Here Waiting [Richard Marx] My first concert. I can see it now, the lights go out, a blue spotlight comes on in the middle of the stage, this song starts to play, and there he is, Richard Marx at a grand piano, rising from the middle of the stage. Do you see it too?
  7. All That She Wants [Ace of Base] So many people seemed to hate Ace of Base, but not I. I was hooked so fast. I don't know if its the ABBA like group make up, or if I'm just a sucker for a catchy toon.
  8. Make It Real [The Jets] And this was Rob's song. A completely unrequited crush in 8th grade (who of course then went out with my best friend in high school)
  9. Hold On [Wilson Phillips] Wilson Phillips opened for Richard Marx at my first concert. This was an inspirational song, for those HARD early teen years.
  10. BFrom A Distance [Bette Midler] I love Bette, and no I'm not ashamed to admit it, I love Miss Streisand too. I am apparently a gay man at heart.
  11. From This Moment On [Shania Twain & Bryan White] Sappy, Money making wedding song. I hate it when songs are obviously purposely produced to be money making wedding songs. Yet, I still totally fell for this song and used to belt it out in the car.
  12. I'll Be Loving You (Forever) [New Kids on the Block] High pitched, pre-puberty, boy seeing about loving you forever. Like he knows! But can't you hear the feeling and pain in his voice? I know I did! I LOVE YOU JOEY!
  13. I Adore Mi Amor [Color Me Badd] OH YEA I WENT THERE! Do you see the Green, Yellow and Black block colored shorts, and the funny hair? The use of the sexy French words made this one come up above their other hit "I Wanna Sex You Up!"
Apparently I can't count, because even my shortened list ended up being 16 long so I had to still delete a few more. So many memorable songs. So many embarrassing crushes. I truly do pair years of my life, with who I was with/liked or had a crush on, and the songs I secretly sang to them.


Autumn's Mom said...

That was fun wasn't it? I have that song I'll be loving you forever in it. So high pitched! I LOVE YOU JOEY MAC!!!

J said...

I almost know the words to the Total Eclipse song...they're hidden in my subconscious...

Ted said...

You sure love the ballads! And I think KKIQ/KKDV plays almost all the songs on your list -- excpet Color Me Badd, Christopher Cross, and New Kids.