Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New AC.... check!

Yesterday our new AC was installed. It was just a replacement so the installation wasn't incredibly involved but it still took a good 5 hours. I'm a tad annoyed by the electical work he had to do, because the shutoff box had to be rerouted to a different wall so now we have electical conduit, which is very visible, running along 2 walls. The new unit is HUGE, compared to the old one (which was original to the building - 1970). We purposely got a larger unit because its difficult to cool off the upstairs, but man its way bigger the I expected. Of course even the new AC has a hard time combating the heat upstairs so its freezing downstairs while its still warm upstairs (hopefully the new windows will help this situtation).

Of course now our 106+ heat wave from last week has past and it was actually sprinkling this morning and was nice and cool. I'm sure we'll still run it at night to attempt to cool down the upstairs (while I sit bundled in a blanket downstairs). If only we could have a normal NorCal summer so I can justify the $$$. I suppose we still have July, August and Sept to have another heat wave.

*** side note: Maya, Thank you for coming over and cooking me a lovely lunch of caesar salad and mac'n'cheese. I love that your mom was flexible with the lunch plans to bring you over to my house for your cooking lesson since I couldn't leave with the AC man still there. (J, you should post the lemony caesar dressing recipe, it was Mmm Mm good -- of course all the parm Maya put on the salad made it extra yummy too!)


J said...

Have you tried closing the vents to the downstairs, to force the air upstairs? That's what we do. It makes a HUGE difference.

And you're welcome for lunch. I'll have Maya read this later. She's watching TV with her friend right now. :)

Maya said...

You are welcome for lunch!

Gina said...

I have heard that having zonal thermostats are the best way to deal with that. In your case, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. I don't think it's too expensive to do, but I could be wrong.

Cherry, thanks for dropping by my place, I have always read your comments on J's blog and we are in agreement most of the time. I plead temporary insanity for not stopping by sooner.