Monday, January 02, 2006

Lessons from playing SIMs

Happy New Year everyone!

This past weekend was great!
I got to see all of my best friends. Had some great hang out time with those that I love. And have re-learned that limits are good.

SIMs play, I've gone too far. I have seen signs that my view of my REAL life has been altered. I was hanging with Liz and was watching Tommy toddle around, and thought...oh he looks just like a baby SIM as he's learning how to walk! Then when I stayed up late (3am) playing the SIMs and I was not feeling tired at all, but knew I must be, I envisioned my Energy status bar being in the red so I would get off the FREAKIN COMPUTER and go to bed! Then on Monday my Fun status bar was going down as we sat and watched a DVD , House of Flying Daggers, and I thought of what would make this fun bar go back up? MORE SIMs play! And then when I woke up this morning with that evil alarm, I was again thinking of my energy status bar and was wishing that just once I could live like a SIM and wake up when that bar is FULL and ONLY when that bar is FULL! I don't know if I've ever known that bar to be completely full (when not on vacation).

The SIMs family I'm playing right now isn't even all that fun. They are both actors, and they must have a ton of friends to get promotions, and one of them wants to buy all sorts of crap! (fortune aspiration). Since I'm not the type of person that wants to buy a ton of crap, it's a challenge for me to have that mind set to keep him happy.

Some good comes from all this SIMs play. no really! I'm learning stuff about myself, and learning about raising kids and juggling needs. I know you parents out there think I'm crazy to say that, but it is a good eye opener. The always being tired part - check. The stopping and helping with homework and making dinner even when you are in a crappy mood, hungry, tired and in desperate need for a shower - check. Encouraging different behaviors and making sure you play and talk and teach them skills so your relationship with your kids are strong - check. And the most important lesson..... After feeding a baby, do not play with them by bouncing them up and down and holding them over your head, especially when you just showered and are already late for work.


Autumn's Mom said...

ok you are scaring me. Not only am I worried about you? Are you going to find time to fit school in your sims schedule? haha I'm also worried about Autumn. She loves her sims game. I'm hoping it provides a nice distraction from the PICKING!!! hehehe

J said...

SIMS is a dangerous addiction. You are doomed. :) Nice to have it to keep you busy while Eric is gone, though.