Friday, December 30, 2005

Celebrate good times...


The 3-day work week rocks, but the 4 day weekend rocks harder!

So far today I've slept in, chatted with my bro about the wonderful world of SIMs, and now I'm off to make some killer pancakes. Today will be filled with baking a birthday cake for one of the best friends a girl can have (HAPPY BIRTHDAY Julie!), and then celebrating said birthday with all her friends. There may be a bit of SIMs play mixed in there, and if I'm really lucky, I'll get out of the house to the gym (since it's likely going to rain all day long).

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Post-Posting Note: The beautiful and very tasty cake in the pictures in not of my making. My minor creation will be had by the family tomorrow (Dec 31st).

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Autumn's Mom said...

You are a true friend. Thanks for not posting that horrid picture of me. You better have deleted it or I will come right through this computer and slap you down HO!

hahaha seriously. It was funny. Now delete that picture.