Monday, January 09, 2006

Where did the weekend go?

How is it already Monday night? ... late Monday night? In fact, it's almost Tuesday morning.

I managed to survive my weekend of being home alone. Of course, it was easy considering I didn't spend it at home, or alone. I thought about having a Home Depot weekend of home projects, and purging closets and general organization, but then I thought about the last project I attempted while my love was out of town. (and no I haven't had the ceiling re-plastered yet).

I went and hung out with some friends and had the pleasure of babysitting while they went to the new Hawaiian Restaurant in Downtown Pleasanton.

This kid is the easiest kid EVER! He's fun to play with. He rarely gets upset. He's incredibly adorable. He can sit and play happily even though his diaper and pants are full of chunky poo. He's so lovable that you don't even mind scrapping said chunky poo out of his pants and other places it has been squished into. He can entertain himself with toys or books or anything that is within reach. Even though he is starting to walk, he isn't the crazy running around boy yet. He likes to dance to music (even if it is his dad singing - Shake your booty! Which has been caught on video and is currently being edited for it's grand release in 2020, maybe. )

He doesn't even whine for his bottle. He just looks at you and says very clearly with his eyes and the gentle rubbing of his blanket "Hi nice lady. I'm starting to get a little tired and a yummy bottle of milk would be a great way to end this fun evening." And after he finishes his bottle, you simply have to put him in his crib and he just goes to sleep. Of course, if you stay in the room and mess with the way-too-silent humidifier, he gets a little upset screaming "GET OUT OF MY ROOM. DON'T YOU KNOW YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE RIGHT AWAY? THIS IS NOT HOW MY PARENTS DO IT!" so you have to pick him up and cuddle with him until he calms down (that cuddling part is really the toughest part of the night.)

All that in only an hour and a half, and I could take more... so if his parents ever want to go try more tasty food, I'm available!

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J said...

VERY cute kid. :) Obviously a good way to spend an evening.