Thursday, January 26, 2006

Sad excuse for a Thursday

Today is almost gone (at least the work part of the day) and I don't know what I've accomplished.

  • Went to the dentist to have my pearly whites polished, poked, scrapped, drilled, etc. I'll spare you the details, but the words "Crown", "Expensive", & "Root Canal" were all used today. Hopefully the drilling will relieve some of the symptom so we can avoid, or at least postpone the previously mentioned evil words.
  • I fumbled, bumbled and almost had an anxiety attack while on-air with my favorite Morning Radio Show (they were talking about stupid names parents make their children live with, and they said that Cherry must be the worst name to possibly give a kid, so how could I not call in?)
  • Per Miss J, I have added Bubble to my Netflix queue (we'll see who gets it first Missy!)
  • While looking at my Netflix queue, I have added the 5th and 6th season of South Park, and the movie that came out in 2000. Eric will enjoy these, and then send them back without me getting a chance to see them, so don't you all start thinking I'm some sort of South Park nut. Eric missed out on the fantastic premiere of South Park back in the 90's (he was living in Germany and somehow missed out in the excitement). So, to keep him entertained when he needs something to stare at, we keep a steady stream of foul mouthed, brain numbing, animated comedy coming into the house. He likes it. It makes him happy. It is good.
  • I have done some work stuff - they pay me and buy me lunch (Mmmm fruit tart for lunch) so I feel obligated

    And now I am looking forward to my hour drive home.

    Grand. Just Grand.

    At least I have 1 big lovey and 2 little grey lovies waiting for me at home. I think Kielbasa and Sauerkraut will be the menu of the night. As long as Eric is eating meat, I gotta get in all of my favorites now!

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J said...

Ack! Root Canal! I'm sorry...that blows. Excuse me while I go floss my teeth. Ack!

We'll see if Bubble is any good. It should at least be interesting, I would think. You'll probably get it first, though, because I have it as #2 on my list, and we haven't watched anything in awhile...lazy that way. The movies we have are both over 2 hours, and we go to bed SO early, that it's daunting.

How long is E eating meat? Yeah, enjoy it while you can. :)

Happy Friday!