Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lists about me

I may think that I'm a leader, but really I'm just a follower. Liz... you're up!

1. Four jobs you've had in your life.
A. Paper Carrier (how cool is it to be 13 years old and get $300/month!)
B. Coffee Barista (LOVED THAT JOB!)
C. Burger Flipper (strangely enough loved that job too!)
D. System Analyst, QA Analyst/Engineer, System Admin, blah blah blah (not so much love, but more $$)

2. Four Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
A. Forget Paris
B. When Harry Met Sally
C. Grease
D. Little Princess (Shirley Temple)

3. Four TV shows you enjoy (off the air)
A. Friends
B. Sex and the City
C. Making the Band 3 (I’ve watched the whole season over and over and over... but I might be done with it now)

3 (part two). Four CURRENT TV shows you enjoy (I can’t stop at 4, I need help!)
A. Gilmore Girls
B. 7th Heaven (this is the last season….boo hoo)
C. America’s Top Model (guilty pleasure!!!)
D. I Shouldn’t be Alive (Discovery Channel)
E. Dirty Jobs (Discovery Channel)
F. Laguna Beach (MTV)
H. Law & Order
I. I Love the 80’s (MTV)
J. True Hollywood Stories
K. Good Eats
L. Everyday Italian
M. Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello
N. Barefoot Contessa
P. TLC & HGTV in general

4. Four Memorable Vacations
1. Mexico 2002 – Mayan Riviera
2. Christmas in Canada 2005
3. Yosemite 2003
4. Christmas in Pennsylvania – 2001 (still remember the concussion from the snowboarding incident, and haven’t even unpacked the boards)

5. Four Websites You Visit Daily
1. My friend's and their family member’s blogs
2. Dooce.com
3. ZoneLabs.com
4. mail.yahoo.com

6. Four Favorite Foods (ok, maybe more then four)
1. MEAT!
2. Bread
3. Butter
4. Cream
5. Sugar
6. Fruit

7. Four Places I'd Rather Be
1. Outside – even in the rain
2. Chillin’ on the couch watching stupid shows with my lovey with a pair of cats wedged in between us
3. In the Kitchen (barefoot and pregnant) – and not my kitchen, some fancy kitchen in my future home or your kitchen. Well ok, I’ll take my kitchen, cause at least it’s a kitchen and not a desk.
4. Hanging with the girls, chatting and eating yummy food

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