Friday, August 31, 2007


No more then 24 hours since the carpets were cleaned.... PUKE! Freakin' cat puke in the hallway right outside my bedroom door, saying GOOD MORNING!

And then a few hours after I find that, Eric spills Soy Milk as he sits in front of the TV with his cereal bowl.

I totally live with boys!


Gina said...

My carpets are an utter disaster. They need cleaned. Badly.

Karen MEG said...

Murphy's law Cherry. Sorry I had to laugh the way you phrased that, but it does figure!

J at said...

Does that mean that he was right? I say no. Clean up the spots, and hope for the best.

C said...

Awwww! That sucks! I couldn't help but laugh though. The way you described everything made it somewhat comical! You are too cute!

Cat puke is not fun to clean up. We have kittens and they're only just getting used to solid food. Not fun!

At least soy milk won't stain your carpet ;)

Anonymous said...

i dunno about your 'living with boys' comment...some girls are total pigs you know.