Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy 2 Month Anniversary!

Today it has been 2 months since that whirlwind filled day that I got married. That day was such a daze, and went by so fast. I was exhausted and kinda loopy due to the fact that I had hardly any blood, since I had hemorrhaged the day before. We have been through some stressful and challenging events in the last 2 months, but they have only brought us even closer together.

Since I am home during the day as I recover from surgery, I finally felt up to a little trip out to the Social Security Administrators office to officially change my name. I had filled out the form 2 days after the wedding, but wasn't feeling up to the trip to the office by myself. I also wasn't quite ready to decide on my new name. Would I move my madden name to my middle name? But I love my middle name. Would I hyphenate? But I never though I'd ever want to do that. So I filled out the entire form and left that one line blank. This morning, as I grabbed all of the documents to the take to the SSA office, I stopped to fill in my new name. I kept my first and middle name, and took Eric's last name.

So as far as the SSA is concerned, I no longer have an EASY 3 letter last name which always put me at the back of the classroom, but now am at the front of the class with 7 letters, with a name that was munged by the Ethel Island folks, including throwing in a silent 'H'. I'll hit the DMV on Monday afternoon, and then will start the joys of changing all of my accounts too.

Happy 2 Month Anniversary Lovey! I am very happy to finally share your name.


Beenzzz said...

Happy 2 month anniversary to you and Eric! You're pretty good about changing your name. I didn't officially go down to the SSA and change my name until we had been married for 9 years. Slacker much?

Chrissy said...

Happy 2 month anniversary to you and the Hubster! Okay, I have to applaud you. I got married last summer (yes, LAST June!!) and I only just got my act together and changed everything officially.

I am such a slacker...and it wasn't like I was intentionally being a slacker! I was pretty much on the ball for most of the address and name change documents. It was just the credit cards and a few others that I FINALLY changed last week. *sigh* If I only knew how much work it would be to change my name......Just kidding! I'd still change it! ;)

Karen MEG said...

Happy 2 month anniversary Cherry - what an eventful 2 months for you and hubby. How organized are you to get all that administration done so soon!
I got married during the time that a lot of women kept their maiden names - in actual fact I was lazy, and DH and I were both working in the same industry, same field, and it would have been awkwardly obvious at professional functions that we were married because although I've been told I'm not that Asian looking sometimes, I certainly don't look German. He didn't care one way or the other - most people don't even know where to start spelling his name; we use my name a lot for reservations!

So I've still got a 3 letter surname; easier than 9. The kids get their dad's last name and I'm fine with that. We're trying to thoroughly confuse the world!

Cherry said...

Beanzzz - I figured if I didn't do it now, I'd keep putting it off until I was pregnant or something.

Chrissy - we'll see just how long it takes for me to figure out all of the accounts I need to change over... it took me 2 months to do the first step, so I'm betting a few years will pass until I get them all done.

Karen MEG - I went from a Chinese surname to a German one! How funny! Although I am already 1/4 German, all I got from that heritage were the butt, tummy and hips.... yipee!

Starshine said...

Congratulations, Cherry! Happy 2 monthiverssary!

ML said...

Congratulations to you and Eric, Cherry!! :)

I did the name change thing a week or so after I got married. It was a pain in the arse, especially at the SSA because they didn't have it on record that I'm an American citizen. Anyway, I kept all my names and just added my husband's name on.

Autumn's Mom said...

Congrats! I changed mine pretty quickly, as you know my maiden name is NOT TO BE NAMED! haha I'm keeping what I got now.

J at said...

I changed mine all pretty quickly, too...mostly because I was excited, and glad to no longer be one of the "Julie Ward" gang in SF...there were so many of us, it was insane!

With concerns about identity theft, I wonder if it's harder to change your accounts than it used to be? Hmmm.

Gina said...

Happy 2 months to you!

I changed my SSN right away, but my driver's license? That's different story.

Chrissy said...

Cherry, I went from a 3 letter surname to a 10 letter surname! I certainly look anything but Scottish! You should see the looks on people's faces when I say I'm Mrs. Mc--------!!! I clearly look Asian/mixed, so it totally throws people off guard. I love it! LOL!

Love Bears All Things said...

cherry, I'm catching up on your blog. I hope you are feeling better,not so much pain now.
Nothing worse than being idle when one doesn't want to b but hopefully you'll find wonderful, creative ways to fill your time once you feel able. Read, watch movies, nap, and listen to music. Knit beautiful sweaters and afghans.
Healthy days ahead for you and Eric,
Mama Bear

Ginger said...

I was very glad to drop my middle name and use my maiden as the middle. I didn't really want to change my last name but it was important to him so I gave in. Now, of course, I'm glad I did.**I hope you are feeling much better.**

laluna said...

Happy Anniversary (2 mo) How romantic to make the change today..