Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Day of the Surgery

As you all know I was hungry! I wasn't due at admitting until 11:30am, and I hadn't eaten since the night before, and hadn't had anything to drink since 6am. I was pretty restless, and was antsy to get things rolling.
In order to stay away from the temptation of food, I stayed upstairs while Eric ate lunch. Magically we both lost track of time, and it was soon 11:15 and we tore out of the house. As we pulled up to the hospital I realized that I didn't have on a blood transfusion cross match bracelet I was not supposed to take off all weekend (but I had realized that the nurse put it on too loose and I was able to slip it off, shhhh!), so we had to run back home to get it.
Although I was a little late to admitting, my surgery wasn't scheduled for another 2 hours, so I still had plenty of time to sit in pre-op, getting my IV and hanging out with Eric in a lovely gown, hairnet and fuzzy hospital socks. A few more hours went by, and I saw people leave and come back to pre-op (it was also the post-op room), and I was there for the nurse's shift change and the new nurses were concerned why I was still there. Apparently the previous procedure went over, or started late, so my doctor was running behind.
Around 4pm I was meeting almost my entire surgical staff. My doctor, her surgical assistant, the surgical resident who was assisting and the anesthesiologist, all came to pre-op to meet with me and to each stay and chat for a few moments. It was so comforting and didn't feel sterile at all! (well clean yes, but not stuffy and scary).
Then it was time to be wheeled behind the doors Eric couldn't go beyond, and he kissed me one last time before I got to see my surgical staff. I just have to gush a little bit more about how friendly and great they all were. We were all laughing and talking about what was happening in such a way that took away the scariness of it all. As my doctor came in, the anesthesiologist gave me a light sedative and began stroking my forehead, while the team discussed the procedure. And with a few calming pets I was out!
The next thing I remembered was my doctor's voice telling me they had taken out 2 fibroids, one the size of a small orange, and the other the size of a baby's head (why they keep using that as a size reference I don't know). I asked if I still had my uterus, and she said yes. I said the catheter hurt more then the incision, so they gave me more drugs in my IV and ADJUSTED the catheter. OUCH! still hurt, more adjusting, more drugs, still hurt. They told me to hang with it for a while and maybe I'd get used to it. And then I was out again.
From talking to Eric and my parents, they were cool and calm for the first 2 hours of the surgery, because that is how long my doctor estimated. And then for the next hour and 15 minutes (apparently Eric was counting), they were a tad on edge. The doctor finally came out to them, showed them pictures of the fibroids (I had asked her to take pictures per Eric's request), and then she brought Eric back to wherever I was.
I vaguely remember talking to Eric a few minutes later, and telling him that they found 2 more fibroids, but I think I was confused because it was only 2. Apparently my parents were there as they wheeled me to my room and I talked to them, so they tell me. The next thing I knew I was in the room I'd be in for the next night, being told to push this button every 10 minutes for my pain meds. I don't remember much that night, but I remember it being really dark, and that I was pushing that button more then every 10 minutes and it was so frustrating when it wouldn't give me more drugs to take away the pain.

That night was full of dozing and fuzzy memories. I think I ate that night too, as I remember it wasn't very tasty. Oh and flowers were delivered from Eric's Cousin. The nurse said they arrived before I went into surgery, and she had been happily enjoying them.

So that was the day of surgery. Don't worry, each day won't have that much detail. I just wanted to try to get down as much as I sorta remember. Drugs do funny things to the memory.


Beenzzz said...

Oh man, Cherry, those fibroids were big! I'm so glad they were able to take them out and everything is still in tact. Catheters suck!!!!! Yes, drugs do make the brain a bit furry, I'm glad everything went well. Keep us posted.

MrsGrumpy said...

I have always wondered at the choice of words they use to describe the size of things as well. It is either fruit or infant related. What a nice anesthesiologist you had. How are you feeling today? Less pain I hope and bit more like yourself. I'm so glad that they did not have to take everything.

Maya's Granny said...

Every surgery I've had, which isn't many, the food afterwards has been odd indeed. I think that part of it is the anesthetic affects the taste.

So glad that things went so well.

Autumn's Mom said...

Fuzzy memories. Surgery sucks. I'm glad it's over and you are recovering nicely :)

Gina said...

I am so glad they got them out and you were able to keep all your lady bits!

So sorry about the catheter, I am one of the only people I know who had no issues with it when I got one for my C-section.

J at said...

So glad you're home and feeling a bit better...just remember to take it easy, so you continue to heal quickly!

laluna said...

Oh sorry that pain med did not work as well as it should have. Yeap, that sounds like the surgical world. Just keep saying that this is your one and only trip down that road, and you will never return.

ML said...

I'm happy to hear you got to keep your girl guts!

The catheter sounds hideous! I'm so sorry it hurt.

Py Korry said...

I called Eric to ask him how things were going, and he was worried that it was taking so long. But after talking about the "surgery timeline" (i.e., pre-op, op, post-op), he felt a little better and said he forgot about post-op.

After we hung up, he called back about 10 minutes later to say that you were out of surgery and everything went really well! And yes, he commented on the size of the fibroids and the fact that pictures were taken. :-0

Swistle said...

I read THIS post AFTER the LATER post (because I was scrolling down), so I know that LATER you're thinking about whether a c-section is this bad. In my experience, no. My c-section was not as bad as your surgery, it doesn't sound like--and of course having a new baby to look at is much more distracting than a photo of fibroids. Also, they don't usually knock you out completely for a c-section the way they did for your fibroids, and in my previous non-c-section surgery experience, I've found the knock-out anesthetic hard to get over (it makes me feel awful).

But it must be very similar surgery, I'd think, so maybe a lot of why the c-section was easier IS the distraction of the baby, and also the relief of not being huge and pregnant anymore.