Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

Taking the follower position from my buddy Autumn's Mom, here are the next 13 things that enter my brain... let's see if my fingers can keep up:

  1. Damn... gone blank. What a waste of the first thought.
  2. My wrist hurts and my co-worker wants me to read a book on the psychological connections of chronic pain to suppressed rage. Is he trying to say something?
  3. Babies... Babies are on my mind. Want them, love them, want all to be healthy and happy and thrive.
  4. Pain... not that physical kind, but the emotional realm. So sad for my friend and her baby. The service was yesterday. so tiny! so very very tiny.
  5. I like working at home, so I can easily bug my kitties anytime I want to and I can wear my jammies and no one will think any differently of me. The kitties may not like being startled awake by me petting them while they snooze next to me, but I like having the option.
  6. Blogs are taking too much time of my day. If only my job was not to work with the internet, or I would request to have my internet access limited so I would not be tempted to see what people are saying. I can't even just go to a blog once a day. I have to check back to see if people have commented. I'm sick I tell you... sick! And then I find I feel an obligation to read and comment on every blog I enjoy. After doing all of that, I don't have time to write on my own. So many blogs, so little time.
  7. Stress and depression. nuff said
  8. I wonder what I shall have for lunch today? oh wait, its almost 3pm. I wonder what I will have for dinner today?
  9. I have a therapy appointment this weekend. I don't wanna. It will ruin my day. I will be an emotional blob the rest of the day. I hate that I do not look forward to therapy. It seems to cause more pain then good, even though I know that getting out that deep shit is painful and it is better in the long run, but on the day I have to go, it never seems worth it. Besides, then I have to write her a check, and we know how I feel about money.
  10. Ack Money! Did I mention the stress and the depression?
  11. Food mixed with Stress and Depression. Lately I have found I don't enjoy food. My friends have said its probably my stress/depression. I guess I know what I will be talking about at therapy on Saturday.
  12. I have the best friends in the world. They are all very good listeners. I want to learn how to be a better listener.
  13. I love summer fruit. Summer fruits are grand. Today I have consumed an apricot, a nectarine, blueberries and some plums. Somehow, the bananas on the desk just don't make the cut when there are these great fruits within reach.
HA! I just read through these. I clearly am thinking about my stress and depression (sorry, had to say it one more time) a bit too much, which probably adds to it. Thank goodness for friends and summer fruit! Kiss Kiss!


Autumn's Mom said...

I love that kitty!! Kitties. They are good stress relievers. Maybe you could bring one of yours to work with you?? haha

Ted said...

Since you're talking to a pro about your stress and depression, are there things you should try to reduce the amount of each?

When I was in grad school and having major stress over the amount of work I had to do, a pro told me to start exercising at least 4 times a week (which I did). It helped me sleep (which was a problem), but I'm not sure if it acutally reduced the amount of stress in my life.

Gina said...

Cherry, I am sorry that things are weighing so heavily upon you.

I hope things get better soon.

J said...

Stress and depression suck. Ted's right about the exercise. It didn't help reduce the amount of stess in his life, but it helped him to manage it. Hard when it's so hot, though, and there are blogs to read. I wish reading blogs would count as exercise. ;)

And, um, summer fruit ROCKS!

Maya's Granny said...

I'm in favor of summer fruit and exercise and fresh air and sunshine and blue skies and watching birds and squirrells. I fell in love with Mother West Wind as a child, and I still see her on a lovely summer day.

lalunas said...

Every summer I look forward to the fruit. It is a little peice of heaven. Keep eating the fruit it helps the mind feel better. Fruit brings alot of sunshine into our lives.