Monday, July 24, 2006

Our first visit to Copia

What a beautiful weekend. We spent all of Saturday afternoon at Copia in Napa. It was hot, but beautiful. We got some great shots of the edible gardens, and these are just a few of my favorites. Feel free to check out the rest of the set over here.

We got there later then we wanted to, but we both had a lot of stuff we had to get done this weekend, so the morning was full of errands, house work and studying. We managed to get to Napa around 2pm, right about the time the the sun was blazing at it's hottest. Luckily in Napa, it felt much cooler then in Concord (only 30 minutes away).

We arrived just in time for the last garden tour of the day. What luck! The tour guide was very smart, personable and knowledgeable. I think we toured the gardens for about 2 hours in that sun. Even with liberal sunscreen application, my legs still burned a touch, but I only noticed it behind my knees. The gardens were so beautiful that I didn't really mind the heat. It was just wonderful.
The main reason for our visit to Copia on this particular day was to take part in a stone fruit tasting. As you already know, I love me some summer fruit, especially stone fruits. To boost this love of the fruit, Eric has started a landscape design business specializing in edible landscapes. Sometimes this means fruit/veggie garden deigns, but mostly its incorporating edible plants into a decorative landscape. Eric is also a member of our local rare fruit growers society, so as you can tell, he loves the fruit too. The main fruit tree grower in the area, Dave Wilson Nursery, was hosting this stone fruit tasting to see people's reactions to some new varieties, and some heirlooms that most people are not exposed to. Eric did a lot of networking and information gathering, and I just grazed while he was busy working. I didn't think it possible, but I was fruited out by the time we left.

And no.. there were no ill effects from massive fruit consumption.


J said...

Were the heirlooms as good as I hear? I read something the other day about heirloom peaches, and how good they are. Drool. Expensive, too, though.

Beautiful pictures!

Ally Bean said...

this sounds wonderful and looks delicous. lucky you.

laluna said...

Oh my goosh that look like fruit heaven.