Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Summer School

This summer I decided I would be able to handle 1 class. It's a computer science class, and an intro class at that, and it would help me out at work. Somehow I have failed to realize that studying might help me actually understand this stuff. And not just studying, if I were to actually do the assignments or the reading before attempting a test, maybe I would not stare blankly at the page.

Since it is a summer class, everything is accelerated. I thought I would do ok since I work in this operating system everyday. We have 7 tests and 1 final, which will cancel out the 2 lowest test scores. Since we have fewer meetings then a normal semester, and we moved very slowly during the first few weeks, we now have a test every class meeting. The first 3 tests, I did great. Last Thursday's test, I stupidly erased correct answers for stupid inpulse changes. When I turned it in, my teacher glanced at it and chuckled.

Last night, after I turned in my test, I mentioned to my teacher that I should have taken the class credit/no credit, so if I did poorly it wouldn't effect my transcript. (But someplace in me thinks that someday I'll go back to school full time to get a ComSci degree (I'm clearly high), so I just might need a letter grade for this class. Plus, my boss wants to work this class into my goals which support my bonus.) My teacher asked me why I think I would need to take it credit/no credit, that I've been doing fine. Then he looked at my test. Look up at me, smiled and said," Maybe you should have."


J said...

ACK! Sounds like my life in French/Latin. Sorry

Tracy said...

Bummer! Hang in there. I still think you're doing the right thing taking it for credit, because you just might go back for that degree! And when you decide to, you'll be glad you don't have to take this class AGAIN!!!

Maya's Granny said...

My senior year of college they started allowing pass/fail classes for the first time. I decided to take a graduate level course in primate evolution, having taken very little physical anthropology. So, it seemed to me that the thing to do was take it pass/fail. Having the pressure for a grade off, I had a great time. Had fun, learned what I was interested in. And when the final grades came out, my professor told me he wished I'd taken it for a grade because I would have recieved the highest one in the class. That, I think, was a result of taking off the pressure.