Thursday, July 27, 2006


There is new proof that I am getting old:
  1. I have only listened to NPR during my commute this week, and was interested in every report (usually I only listen to it during the drive home)
  2. Monday I worked really late and I was bummed that traffic was light so I was not going to be in the car for an NPR report I wanted to hear
  3. I stayed up late listening to all of the NPR shows and reports I had missed on Monday which are not in podcast form, so I couldn't download it to my iPod
  4. My iPod has more NPR shows then songs
  5. I am considering buying an iPod car kit thingy so I can listen to my backlog of NPR podcasts, when I'm not interested in listening to the on air program
  6. While I worked today...I listened to NPR


Ted said...

You're not old! You just realize that news and public affairs programs that offer in-depth analysis and interesting conversations are much much better than looking at headlines on you ISP's homepage -- or watching the 24 hour cable news channels. Nothing "old" about that!

J said...

Seems kind of old to me... ;) I mean, I think I started getting interested in that stuff at about 28 or so...certainly not when I was 21 or anything.

You can listen to NPR while you work? I always fear it will be WAY too distracting, because I'll want to focus on the words....

Gina said...

Shhhh, don't tell that to Hubba-hubba!

jay lassiter said...

i get NPR overload sometimes. honestly, it's hard to be both insatiably curious AND unburdened by what all you hear.

sometimes i gotta give myself a "smooth jazz" timeout.