Monday, July 10, 2006


Usually my Monday morning routine is to jot down my weekend review in as few words as possible (of course I'm much too verbose for a few words). However my weekend seems pointless when I am greeted by an email from my oldest friend.

Today I am saddened by the news that my friend's 2 week old, beautiful baby boy, Cameron William, was taken from his loving family while he rested his sweet little body in his crib.

I know Rachael does not read this, nor do any of you know her, but please take a moment from your day to think of of the young souls who leave us all too quickly, and the emense love and longing their families are left with.

Cameron, you are a wonderful baby boy and you will always be loved and cherished. May your wings protect your family and hold them with warmth and strength.


J said...

This breaks my heart. I'm so sorry.

Autumn's Mom said...

That is too sad.

radroccermom said...

oh Cherry, I just went and hugged all my little ones...I know it is painful but I thank you for the reminder to appreciate what I have. So very very sad, my thoughts and prayers to your friends.

Maya's Granny said...

There is nothing sadder than the loss of a baby. And nothing anyone can say will make it better.

Gina said...

Oh, I am very late with this, but my heart goes out to them.