Thursday, December 04, 2008

I Am an Adult. I Am an Adult.

Yea yea, whatever. It's 3:30am and I'm awake, with laptop on lap and downstairs in a cold townhouse (my toes are freezing). I think I woke up at 1-something am. Stupid work thoughts wouldn't leave my head so I came downstairs just to write the frickers down so I can get some sleep. Of course then I realized I had not saved my ToDo list from the last time I did this (Tuesday), and I had to sit here and try to remember all of those items too! Grrr!

Then Facebook happened, emails, blog posts to read... UGH, I'm insane!

So while I'm sitting here, about ready to give sleep another go, I heard something. A sort of thumping/bumping sound outside the front door. Immediatly, I get scared. I stare closely at the front door to see if it's locked, phew it is. I look to see if the window blinds to the front of the house are closed, they sure are. I then recognize the sound as our security screen door not securing a darn thing and being wide open and the wind banging it on the wall (darn post man!). Will I go open the front door to close it? NO! Do I have a scared-of-the-monsters-under-my-bed feeling in my tummy... YES! Do I realize I'm an adult and there are no monsters under my bed, YES but I still don't like them and will not look under the bed to check!

Yes, I realize these are irrational fears (and yes I still do not like hallways in the dark and will always turn on the light in the bathroom for fear of Bloody Mary (and yes, I just got the willies when I looked up Bloody Mary and google brought back images and I immediately had to clear my google search cache because I don't want 'IT' remembering that search)).

and no, I still cannot watch scary/thriller movies because I WILL pull those fears into my life and dreams, and yes the 'Thriller' video scared me and I'm still not a fan although I know the dance!

Are there still remnants of your childhood fears lurking in your mind?


J at said...

Oh lord, you're funny. No, you should NOT make sure the sound is just the wind. You never know, right?

Fears from my childhood? I don't think so. But whenever I hear a bump in the night, I'm sure someone has broken in and is going to kill us. Before we had Maya, I would just hide under the covers. Now, mommy instincts make me get up and make sure it isn't already killing her, and then check the rest of the house. Sad, huh?

Ted said...

I don't have any childhood fears that I can think of, but for about 3 months after I saw the original "Halloween" movie (which my sister told me was "real"), I had visions of Michael Myers standing in our neighbor's yard. Hey, it was 1978 ... and I was in 7th grade.

Now, when I hear things go "bump" in the night, I just get up to check to see if someone is breaking in. Do I take anything with me (a baseball bat, lamp, my guitar)? Nope. I just figure I could scare them off with me in my boxer shorts -- which is pretty scary. :-)

~Donna~ said...

OMG...BLoody Mary - we called her Mary Worth!!! I still can't look into the mirror in the bathroom when I get up to go in the middle of the night...don't know why i should even bother, i'm half asleep and my eyes are mostly closed anyway!!! My big sis did a damn good job of scaring the crap out of me when we were younger.

And being a single parent, every time i get up, i have to make sure Spence is ok...and i pity the fool who wakes me up while breaking in...I sleep so little now, just one "Look" and he'd be dead!

Ted- I have been know to grab various sports things - golf club, t-ball bat, raquet ball racket, one time of especially scary times, a cast iron skillet.

Karen MEG said...

Thriller freaked me out too LOL!!!!

To this day I still get freaked with all the sounds in the night, especially when I'm alone with the kids (which is more often than not these days with Ian's travel). To be honest, the fact that they want to sleep with me when Daddy's away probably makes me happier than they are.

J is too hilariou too.

Childhood stuff, I was always freaked by clowns, and I used to have a clown that sat on my dresser ... yeah,like Poltergeist!!!

C said...

Oh, Cherry! I think you and I are twins that have been separated at birth! I'm EXACTLY the same way! LOL!

*sigh* Oh, how I've missed reading your blog (and everyone else's). Feels so weird to be away from the blog world for so long. So much catching up to do!

LOL! Word verification= ticisme