Monday, December 08, 2008

Another blog post at 1am. WOO!!

The reason why naps after a lovely lazy meal of Dim Sum with friends is not such a good idea.... I SHOULD BE SLEEPING!
Between the nap which left me rested and energized and the Internets playing their "surf here, now surf there, click this link I dare you" game, I again find myself here at the wrong time of day.

Although I'm thankfully starting to feel tired and will quickly drift off in slumber because my alarm will go off at 6am regardless of the amount of sleep I've had, I still want to share the little treasure of what is right beside me.

That's Mousy on the bottom of the pile of cuteness touching Eric's sleeping head, and Cosmo on top using Mousy's butt as a lovely squishy pillow.

So cute, I had to share.

and yes... they are BIG cats.


Karen MEG said...

Very big cats, but very adorable as well... such a great picture!!!

Dim sum does that to me all the time... make me feel like I need to nap, I mean.

J at said...

So can Eric sleep with you right next to him clicking around on the laptop? Or had you just come upstairs?

Cherry said...

Oh I was clicking away on the laptop right next to him. I was mostly reading, so not much typing. He didn't even flinch when I turned on the light to snap that shot. The iPhone camera is not so good with low light. Only Cosmo opened his eyes.

Ted said...

Wow! Eric sure is a deep sleeper.

Starshine said...

Now that really is adorable!