Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And Now It's Over

It was sad and surreal and painful. Ok... it is still surreal (and still sad and sadly, even still painful but hopefully all of that will subside). I've seen the doctor and will not need to go through the surgical procedure.

Not a chapter in my life I had ever expected, but I really hope it is over now and I can feel a sense of closure on the last 3 months. Not the expected ending, but it's the way it is.

I have never felt anger through all of this, because I don't feel there is anyone to blame. It's just something that happens sometimes and happens more then anyone would like to know. It's more a bummer than anything. A delay. A change in the plans.

Today I cried, and I'll likely cry some more. But even as I said goodbye (ok, maybe I'll cry right now) I am very hopeful for the future. I know far too many people who have gone through this, some a few times, and who have multiple very healthy and happy children.

It will happen. Just a little later then we had hoped.


Gina said...

It is absolutely sad, and surreal, and painful.

I am so sorry you had to go through it.

After my miscarriage, I had a whole day completely to myself, and it really helped me to deal with all the emotions without having to worry about how my mood was affecting anyone else.

Hugs, sweetie....

Autumn's Mom said...

Oh Cherry. I wish I could give you a hug in person. I'm sad for you, I want to scream for you. I'm sorry you had to go through this. I hate that not only you had to go through it but it was painful.

I hope you have a relaxing holiday with E's family and I'll see you when you get back. Love ya

J at said...

It's totally sad, and horrid, and no one should have to go through it. That being said, you're right, and it's not uncommon for people to have a miscarriage (or sadly, several) before or after other, successful pregnancies. Your day will come. I'm hoping a baby by this time next year, but if I have to be patient, I will. :)

Starshine said...

I'm so sorry, Cherry.

Love and hugs to you and E.


Karen MEG said...

Cherry, I am so sad for you. And I'm so sorry that the procedure was painful. I hope you've been able to rest and feel better with the holiday break.

But it sounds like you have a great outlook still, which is wonderful. And it's true, people don't talk about how common miscarriage can be.

Don't you worry, your day will come.

Take care and take it easy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cherry, I'm so sorry of what happened. I stumbled upon your blog while searching for answers for fibroids. I have been following your blog but not commenting much. I just want to send you lots of hugs & kisses. My friend had a miscarriage two years ago but she has a beautiful baby girl now. So it can happen.