Saturday, September 08, 2007

Someone come beat me over the head, but not with a book please?

As I mentioned right down there, I have been hit with some sort of Reading Rock and can't seem to stop. Of course this is a wonderful turn of events as I usually struggle with reading as it takes me so darn long as I have to say every single word in my head in order for me to absorb it, but that is getting faster with practice. The issue is that I LOVE to read in bed. That is where I can prop myself up with tons of pillows so all of my tender spots don't hurt so much, and I don't get a crick in my neck like I do when I sit on the couch.

So this causes a not so great side effect... I'm not going to sleep until sometime in the AM!

Last night, Eric pulled an all nighter as he had to prepare for a client meeting bright and early this morning, and I HATE to go to sleep when he's not there so I picked up a new book and started in on it. The next thing I knew I was half way through the book and Eric was no where about ready to come to bed, and I soon found myself dosing off. It was likely about 3am when I removed my glasses, but for some reason didn't turn off the light.

But then the worst thing about reading and filling it with stories before going to sleep... I had very active and stressful dreams. At some point, Eric found that I had fallen asleep with the light on and turned it off. I suddenly awoke in a panic and started frantically yelling for him. I know I had been dreaming, but I don't know what it was about and I found myself sweating and I had tears in my eyes. Thankfully Eric took the time to lay with me and calm me down so I could go back to sleep.

A few hours later, Eric came in to kiss my forehead as he had to leave for an early morning drive into San Francisco to present his work to a client. I was exhausted and still felt this all over frantic feeling, but I was awake and couldn't go back to sleep.

So now I sit here, REALLY wanting to pick up my book to finish it, but I just can't shake this icky feeling. Perhaps a short walk outside (which I still haven't done alone since my surgery and should probably get over that hurdle), and then maybe lay down for a nap with my lovey when he returns from his meeting, as I'm sure he is going to be exhausted. Man! My shoulders are practically at my ears. Relax girl! Relax!


J at said...

Ack! I hope you're feeling more calm and relaxed by now. I remember when Ted first started working the early morning shift, I would wake up SURE someone had broken into the house, and all I wanted to do was to hide...but I was afraid if I did, the bad guy would find Maya first, so I had to at least check to see if I was alone. Horrid nights/early mornings, which led to many a very early am blog post.


Starshine said...

Awww. Sweet that E laid down next to you as you dozed off after your stressful dream.

So glad your love of reading has returned!


C said...

Wow! Hope you're feeling rested, calm and relaxed now. You've got such a sweet hubby! Nice that he stayed with you until you fell asleep again :)

Py Korry said...

Sorry to hear that the book you're reading really sparked some unsettling dreams.

Maybe a little outdoor time will do you good. And then you can get back to your book. :-)

ML said...

Sorry about the bad dreams :( How are you doing today? Better I hope.

Beenzzz said...

I know how you feel. Whenever I get into a book, I will read it into the wee hours of the night, dream about it, and wake up a zombie. I hope you finally got some decent sleep though!

Karen MEG said...

Hope you're feeling a bit easier, it is disconcerting and really weird to wake up from a bad dream sometimes. I usually need some reading material before I fall asleep but these days, it's more magazines, so I don't have to think too much in my sleep! I can never read a murder mystery if I'm home alone.

Autumn's Mom said...

I've been having some unsettling dreams after watching the DVD set of Heroes. I hope they are gone now. I read yesterday, but all I had energy for was a good trashy novel. Which was good. Now today, my eyes hurt. I strained my little eyeballs.

Ginger said...

I try not to read books that stress me and cause anxiety and loss of sleep. I read, afterall, to relax and escape. I'm sorry that your new found reading has took this turn.