Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Day of Fall

As good ol' Al Roker told me on the TODAY show, today is the first day of Autumn!

Do you know what I love most about the turn of the season from warm to chilly?


May not be what Eric is thinking of as exciting bedroom attire, but me loves them long time!

Oooo, and putting my chilly feetsies on my HOT running honey in bed. He actually likes this at this time of year because he's still too warm for blankets, so he says it cools him off for a moment or so. Soon, it will be cool enough he won't even need to sleep with the window open and I can put the down comforter back on the bed. How I love that comforter AND fuzzy blankets!

And what is best of all... the kitties are finally starting to cuddle with me again! In the warm months, the kitties rarely even want to sit near us on the couch. I knew I had been cold in bed for the last week or so (but too lazy to pull out the fuzzy blankets) but last night, Cosmo (the skittish of the two kitties - AKA "Skitty") spent much of the night snuggling up to me. He'd cuddle up, and get too warm and stretch out, and cuddle up, and stretch out. I don't think either of us got much sleep last night, but I was just so thrilled to have my baby kitty be all lovey with me, that I didn't mind at all (plus I had nothing planned, so the fact that I got up at 11am wasn't a big deal).

But I must admit, that since it was raining a tad this last week that I started thinking about Christmas already, and along with Christmas thoughts comes EGG NOG LATTE thoughts. Oh how I loves me the Egg Nog Latte! Hell, hold the Latte and just gives me some steamed Egg Nog cut with a little Non-Fat Milk, you know... so it's "healthy".

Sigh! Time to put away the flip flops and darn the turtlenecks. But don't think I'm gonna stop with the pedicures! These piggies still need to be cute even if they are in tennis shoes and boots for the next 6 months! Crap! I need to go shopping!


Starshine said...

Too funny! We're on the same wavelength, huh?

Happy Autumn, my friend!


ML said...

I love Fall! It's my favorite season. Enjoy!

J at said...

It was so nice and cozy the other day, we slept with a comforter on! And then on Saturday, we woke up to a long, lovely rain. Ahhhh....LOVE IT. Soon the leaves will be turning, and the air will be crisp in the mornings, and still kind of warm in the afternoons. LOVE IT. Not a fan of the nog, though, so you can have my share. ;)

The only thing I don't like about rain is muddy paws on my carpet after we walk the dog.

Karen MEG said...

I love fall too! I also love the way you've described it... so comfy, cozy, but whooooaaaa on the Christmas thing sister! That's moving a little too fast forward for me! Although I do love the egg nog - with a little rum in it no less!
Your kitties, by the way, are so beautiful. I'm allergic, but can still be appreciative. My girlie, however, would be ALL OVER them!

Beenzzz said...

Now I'm fantasizing about warm sweatshirts, cuddy jammie pants, fuzzy blankets, and warm drinks. I was debating whether I should stop with the pedicures during the cold months. Sometimes I let it go a few months and end up getting one in January.

boogiemum said...

I love the fall. I miss having a "real" one since I moved from NH to FL, but things in their own way turn to fall here.

I put out all my fall decorations yesterday, so that helps :)

laluna said...

Yes, Fall is my fav season. The crisp air in the AM and warm afternoon. Fuzzy blankets and slippers are nice. Puppy is also doing some cuddling with the cool air.

Py Korry said...

The only problem with fall in the Bay Area is that we get at least one more heat wave before it really cools down for a few months.

Gina said...

Do you know that last year in the fall/winter, it was never cold enough to wear a turtleneck? Sigh.