Tuesday, November 08, 2005

To School or not to School?

Why am I trying to fit school into my life right now?
Do I really care about the end goal?
Although I love my current class, I can’t seem to do any of the work outside of the class, yet I go to the lecture every week.
I know I won’t give a rat’s ass about the other GE classes I will be forced to take in order to transfer, so how will I stay motivated to attend those classes?
It feels like it’s just a big weight and stress that hangs on me and drags me down.
I have quit school every time I randomly become motivated to go back. This has happened almost every semester since 1992.

I’m bitter at work.
I’m bitter at school.
And honestly, its causing me to be short, tired and bitter at home too.

This weekend I hung out with friends, and took a nap with a very cute, and snuggly baby. Then I went home and ate, worked some then napped, and then woke up just to get ready for bed, and then went back to sleep. The next day I woke up late, worked a little more, ate, napped, went to the gym for 30 minutes, then stared at the TV and then worked until 1am, and then went to bed.

Lots of sleeping this weekend, and somehow I completely avoided the 2 papers that were due 2 weeks ago, and will now not be accepted. So basically…I’ve now failed the class. I may have gotten lots of sleep this weekend, but its only Tuesday and all I want to do is go home and sleep.


Anonymous said...

I think you need to lighten the load a bit.


Eric said...