Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Cream Top Sadness

Today I took BART in an effort to save some money (Bridge Toll + Gas + Parking). I was all chipper and excited despite my mile walk to the office and lengthened commute home, since I knew that I would be walking by Whole Foods. I would have the chance to stop in to stock up the work fridge with my new all time favorite treat, CREAM TOP yogurt (Brown Cow Dairy).

As I grabbed the cute little green plastic basket and skipped my way through the wine, and cheese sections, to get to the back of the store where they keep my treat at the perfect temperature, I smiled and almost giggled in anticipation of the smooth, creamy, fatty goodness.

I rounded the corner of the dairy section and I was struck by the site of a black hole where the shelf was supposed to be, and no sale signs in site. Yes, it is true. The sale was over AND they were completely wiped out of the delectable Cream Top Yogurt. Oh sure, they were stocked with the low fat version by the same dairy, but what’s the point of paying too much for a little tub of yogurt, if you don’t get the sinful CREAM TOP!

I sadly scanned the prices for the cheapest counterpart, and found nothing less then 79 cents. Feeling defeated, I put a few flavors of the 79 cent variety in my stupid basket and made my way to the check out. To make my trip worth it I stopped at the bakery to get a scone (which ended up tasting like it was FAT FREE and therefore FLAVOR FREE).


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