Monday, November 28, 2005

To School or Not to School.... cont.

I have decided to continue with my Sociology class. I really do enjoy the class, but still do not enjoy the paper writing. Which is why I'm now 4 papers in the hole and only a few more weeks of class left.

I don't know if I'm in some sort of funk or depressed or just plain tired. Neither Eric or I have any energy to do our school work, yet we seem to have the desire. Somehow we always fill our time with other activities and don't sit ourselves down to do the school work.

This last weekend we had 4 whole days off and we planned on getting all caught up. Somehow another weeknd went by with very little getting done. Between cooking, the gym, naps, TV, more naps, and some baking, I've had no time to sit infront of the computer and put together a well thought out paper. Its always easier to clean the toilet then to write a paper (I've found).

I did get the hardest part of my school work done while cooking and eating Thanksgiving dinner. I interviewed my father on ALL sorts of stuff my family just doesn't talk about. I learned a lot about my father that most people know by the time they are in their teens. And on Sunday I talked to my mom and got even more information on her family history. You see, my parents didn't really talk to thier parents and my parents don't really talk to us, so.... a Sociology Project on my family's history and how it has made me who I am, is really quite difficult.

I even had panic attacks when I would think about this project. I spent a whole therapy session talking about it, and dealing with the fear and the feeling that I could have made my family's relationships better. I told my teacher that I was really uncomfortable about this project and had a panic attack in front of him (which ended in me running out of the room crying). The next week he asked if I was doing better, and I told him that I would send him my therapist's bill. He laughed... I didn't.

I guess it didn't turn out so bad, but now I have to write the stupid paper. Damn! The one time in my life where I'd rather do an Oral Report then a written one.

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J said...

I had a friend who said she always baked a lot when papers were due. So you're not alone in your avoidance. You can do it, though. Go, girl, go! (but not while you're sick...)