Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Cream Top

I went to Whole Foods the other day to stock the fridge at the office with some yogurt so I wouldn't have to remember to bring one everyday. Well, since I usually go to Safeway and get the Lucerne Fat Free stuff, I forgot what real yogurt could be like.

Being at Whole Foods there is of course no Lucerne. So I was going to have to get one the FOOFY "Natural" brands, that cost sooo much more. Brown Cow yogurt was on sale so I picked up a few. I noted the "Cream Top" and figured that since the fruit is on the bottom, this was just the Marketing Depts way of making a selling point of the fact that all the fruity goodness is on the bottom, and the boring cream was ontop. BOY WAS I WRONG!

Cream Top... means a LAYER OF CREAM (as I knew from Cream Top Milk), but who ever thought that Cream Top Yogurt meant there was a layer of Yogurt made from CREAM on the top. Not I!

Oh it is heavanly. It's like a thin layer of Mascarpone, which is like a richer, but not as flavorful cream cheese. I know there are people like myself that are perfectly happy with a knife and a block of cream cheese for dinner (maybe with a few crackers scattered about, so you don't totally gross out the neighbors as they walk by and see you on your couch in front of the TV chowing down on a brick of fat). So this was quite a happy finding as I sat down to my ho hum breakfast of yogurt and tea.

This discovery makes my dinner even more exciting. Especially since I'm stuck working until about 11pm tonight and all I have here is Yogurt and Cheerios. YEA for me, for planning ahead and buying multiple days of yogurt.

(note to self: buy more yogurt tomorrow)


Anonymous said...

I have no response. don't like yogurt. well I have a response about working until 11, but I'll keep that to myself.


Julie said...

Have you tried russian yogurt? They have that at Whole Foods, too. I'm afraid to try it, because I'm a chicken at heart, but I know someone who swears by it. Will you try it and tell us how it is?