Monday, January 07, 2008

The Waiting Game

I stayed home again today (well I was planning on working from home today anyway, so nothing was really different except I spent the day sleeping instead of working). Interesting globs of stuff are still exiting my head except now I can breath again! The weight is pretty much off my chest and I can breath without the drugs. I'm still taking the drugs though because I can breath even better with them. I do not want a relapse, so I'll continue the same routine of meds, sinus rinses and breathing deeply over hot water (or in the shower) for at least another week. The energy isn't totally back, but it's enough to get out without feeling weak, so I'll be back in the office tomorrow, and funny enough... I'm actually looking forward to it. Enough of this house bound business.

As already scheduled, I got out of the house this afternoon to see my doctor. Not a doctor for my phlegmy nose/chest business, but a doctor for my lady business (tee hee, I said lady business). This was another post-op appointment to check in on how things are healing up since my surgery in August. My doctor is VERY pregnant now, and will be going on leave next month, so she wanted to see me before she left to talk about the next steps and to see how things are healing up.

After pushing and poking around, she's decided that there is some scar tissue, but mostly things are looking good. She asked if we had been talking about timing for trying to conceive, and I said we were pretty much waiting on her to say it was ok. She laughed, but really that is what we are waiting on because we have to get going before more fibroids grow.

Before we left, she did an ultrasound and found ANOTHER fibroid. She wasn't at all concerned about it effecting conception as it was small, 3 cm and its location looked good. Of course I'm thinking that the 2 she removed were only 3 cm at one point too, and it's obviously growing since they didn't see it 4 months ago! In June, we'll do a more detailed ultrasound and an HSG test to see if the ol'tubes are working. She's hoping that after seeing how those tests go she can give us the thumbs up, but still wants us to wait until August to give the old baby house some more time to heal and the scar tissue to loosen up.

For now I'm trying not to think too much about it, because my normal tendency is to think and think and analyze and freak out mostly about what I don't know yet. Plus, I can't really do anything about it, so I'm putting it back there on the back burner to just hang out until we can learn more in 6 months (6 freakin' months).


J at said...

Blech. Not horrid news, but not great news either. I'm sorry. :(

I'm glad you're feeling better regarding your cold, though.

Starshine said...

Thanks for sharing this update with us. You're right that worrying won't help the matter. Still, I can understand how hard that would be. I'm glad the doctor thinks thinks are going well. It will be fun to read pregnancy news on your could happen this year!

Gina said...

Ugh, staying in a holding pattern is definitely no fun at all.

But, at least it wasn't all bad, and I hope you feel better soon!


Autumn's Mom said...

Lady business, that cracked me up. I hope you heal and everything goes well in the next 6 months :) Feel better

Love Bears All Things said...

Glad you're feeling better. Are you taking vitamin C? I'm a strong advocate.
When the times right... Meantime, try to relax.
I loved hearing about the cat.
Thanks for stopping by.
Mama Bear

Laura said...

Happy to hear that you are feeling better. I hope the next six months fly by for you, and that you hear the news that you deserve to. Hugs to you...

C said...

Hi Cherry! I was actually just going to send off an e-mail to you! :) Hope you're feeling great! I'm going to send that e-mail anyway! TTYL! xoxo

C. K. said...

Ai... sorry to hear that. 6 months is a long time, but you've got a really pretty baby to keep you busy, I hope I hope I hope.

Thanks for your support on the green blog - and yes, Chrissy is the sah-weetest thing in Canada. Love love love her.

Hope you get some rest and not stress too much.

C said...

Awww! CK, you are so sweet! LOL!

Cherry, that e-mail I was about to send you...I have to redo it because I somehow deleted it instead of sending it! Grrrrrrrrr!

In the meantime, I've given you an award :)

Karen MEG said...

Cherry, 6 months will go by quickly. Try not to think about it too much (yeah, like I listen to my own advice...). But the stress of thinking too much will just get in the way. Just think positively, it's all good, there will be room for baby. Keeping my fingers crossed for you in the meantime!

Starshine said...

Hi Cherry,

I haven't seen a new post in a while. I hope you're doing okay. Sometimes I just need to take a break from blogging, so I totally understand that. Just wanted to stop by and wish you a happy Friday!


Love Bears All Things said...

I haven't been by for a few days. Now I'm wondering if you're alright. I sure hope the bug you had has gone completely away.
Let us hear from you.
Mama Bear

J at said...

The waiting game is what we all do, waiting for a post from Cherry, who has worried her devoted following by not posting! (OK, I'm not worried, because I saw you last week (when you 'cooked' me tuna tartar!!!), and I know you're crazy busy at work, but jeez, girlfriend, throw these other lovely ladies a bone!)

Curiosity Killer said...

Came back just wanted to see how you're doing.

Laura said...

Cherry, I hope all is wel with you.

C said...

Just checking in to see how you're doing :) Hope all is well. xoxo

Angie said...

Hi Cherry - missing your posts and checking in to see if you're ok.

Hope all is going well and look forward to reading your next post soon.

Take care.

karenmeg1 said...

Hi Cherry, just popping in to se how you're doing. Hope all is well.