Sunday, January 06, 2008

Have a Glass and Blow it Out Your ...

Thanks to the drugs and my sinus rinse, I can breath today and the coughing episodes are far fewer and more productive (TMI? and the worst part of being sick if I do say so myself).

Many of you mentioned that you've had great success with Mucinex. Well seeing as we're cheap, we got the generic version, which is the same drug that my doctor prescribed the last time I had a bad sinus infection that made its way to my chest. The main difference is that Mucinex is time released and the other stuff isn't. Which just means I take the other stuff more often, which is fine since I've been mostly sleeping through the night anyway.

I noted up there and other here that I've been using a Sinus Rinse as well. It's the squeeze bottle version of a neti pot, which is used to flush your sinuses with water or a saline solution. I know J of thinks this is gross, but it really is awesome. The actual act of using it is not all that awesome but the results are well worth the few moments of discomfort, the occasional gagging when the saline hits the back of your throat, and watching the "fun stuff" come flying out your nose . And since J gets pretty bad sinus headaches, I really wish she'd try it. Come on J... try it! Be one with your snot!

My husband swears by it, and anytime I feel a sinus infection coming on I pull it out. I admit this time I probably used it a few days too late as the infection got into my lungs, but I know it has sped up my recovery and gives my red raw nose a break from the blowing, so it can heal a little. BTW - does anyone have any remedies for the red raw nose? I've been using lotions and lip balms but they sting a lot, and its looking pretty gnarley.

Today Eric joined up with some friends to help move furniture around their house and out of storage to get the nursery, new home office and new laundry room ready for an expected new member of our family of friends. I couldn't go as I didn't want to get mama-to-be sick. I did have a lot more energy today though, so my usual Sunday chores of the bathroom, laundry and house hold finances got a quick little whoopin'.

I even felt up to going out baby shower shopping when Eric returned. Granted, about half way through walking around the Mega Mart of Baby goods (aka Babies R Us), I felt like I was being pulled down to the ground. I tried to get Eric to look at all of the fun and overwhelming amount of baby goods, and he bought into it for about 10 minutes and then he was done and just wanted to get the items we decided on, and get out. We got out of there quicker then any trip I've ever taken there and only went over our pre-determined baby gift budget by 58 cents, not bad!

We got home and realized I was starving for the first time in days. I had planned on making Mushroom risotto for New Years but didn't feel up to it, so I pulled out all of the prep I had already done and got started on it. The recipe required 1 cup of white wine, and I had 2 open bottles in the fridge so I tasted them to see which was the driest, and measured out my cup. There was a tad left in the bottle, so I pulled out a wine glass and emptied the bottle (I wouldn't want to put that tiny bit in the fridge!). I needed something to snack on with my wine, so I took out a baby bel snack cheese wheel (its a small 1 oz serving of really rich semi-soft cheese that has been dipped in wax... they're so cute!). I guess I was definitely starting to feel better because I've done chores, I've shopped, and now I was cooking AND drinking wine.

As I'm stirring my risotto, sipping the leftover wine and nibbling on my cheese, I'm feeling pretty good by this time and then I realize just HOW GOOD I'm feeling! WHOA! I'm assuming it was the residual cold meds plus a little vino on an empty stomach and I suddenly feel like lead. Forget this risotto business, I want to go to bed RIGHT NOW because I bet I would get the best sleep ever! But no, I must finish this risotto as I've been wanting to make this recipe for a long time and I've already have the expensive Porcini, Oyster and the not as expensive Crimini Mushrooms invested in this dish.

The risotto turned out pretty tasty, although I know I still couldn't taste the complexity of the flavors. There were roasted and sauteed fresh mushrooms and reconstituted dry mushrooms in the dish. There was an herb steeped broth, and tasty white wine. It was finished off with a pat of butter, good Parmesano Reggiano and fresh parsley. All of that work, and all I could really taste were the high notes of the wine, so it tasted acidic to me. Eric said it was deep and complex and tasty. I'll have to take his word for it though. Sigh.

So I guess I'm feeling better, as the energy is coming back and I actually wanted to get into the kitchen tonight. Oh sure, feeling better just in time for Monday to roll around. Yipee!


J at said...

I'll probably succumb to the peer pressure and try a nasal rinse, though I do like the idea of a cheaper alternative. :)

Glad the mucinex also helped, and your risotto sounds YUMMY! Glad you're feeling better...did you get a wonderful night of sleep after all of that?

J at said...

Oh, and for the red raw nose, I don't think I've found anything that works quite as well as plain old vasoline...

Starshine said...

The risotto sounds delish!

I'm a fan of the Neti Pot, and I'd like to know more about which nasal rinse you use. I get sinus infections about once or twice a year, so if you don't mind...let me know which brand you like and where to buy it!

Kim said...

I second plain vaseline for the raw nose. Aloe vera gel may work too just make sure it has nothing added to it!
All that talk of cooking is making me hungry! What time is dinner?

Angie said...

I couldn't agree with you more about the neti pot! Even though it's gross, nothing works better. I also couldn't agree more with J at Jellyjules about the vaseline, it doesn't burn and it really works.

Feel like passing on the risotto recipe on? Sounds awesome, I'd love to give it a try.

Karen MEG said...

That risotto sounds wonderful! I love those baby bel cheeses too. I buy them for the kids, but they don't like them, so, uh, guess it can't go to waste!
And thanks for the tips on cold remedies. I had to go to the doc today to get a bronchodilator - I've been wheezing up a storm for a week, a result of a hacking cough that preceded for 2 weeks. Dry, hacking, non-phlegmy but annoying.
I agree with everyone, Vaseline is the best for the raw snog.