Friday, January 04, 2008

Looking like Rudolf's distant cousin

On Monday we went to see a movie (a rare occurrence for us), and about half way through my throat was killing me. I thought I was just really thirsty from the popcorn so I drank a ton of water, but it didn't help. The next 2 days the throat continued to burn... and then the cough started up. Yesterday I was feeling ok and even had dinner with some of my girlfriends a few of you might know, Autumn's Mom, J and Tommy's (and Caroline's) Mommy. I got home and dutifully did my new back and neck exercises which pretty much just pissed off my back and neck. I went to bed starting to feel a little congested and between the back and neck pain and now congestion, I got little sleep. Plus Eric was experiencing muscle cramps from a late night climbing session so he was tossing and turning through the night. Just about anytime I fell asleep, he rustled about. ARGH!

Sometime in the early morning I laid there trying to decide if I should email work now, or just see if another hour would do me well enough. I did get a good hour of sleep in after I got Eric to get up and walk around to help out his cramping. But even with that hour I stayed home sick today, which I don't like to do but with so little sleep and now feeling the weight of a full blown cold, I thought it would be better to go back to bed. So to bed I went.

At one point I dug through any cold medicine I could find, and found that most of the pills expired in 2003, so out they went. The only newish drugs we had only covered some of my symptoms, so this evening Eric went out to stock up on soft Kleenex for my poor red nose and better drugs (still waiting for them to kick in).

While he was out he also picked up some junk food, Panda Express. I was a little hungry but couldn't taste much so I wanted something spicy. My parents even came over with a fresh pot of chicken soup but it just wasn't hitting the spot. I ended up putting chili sauce all over my veggies because they had no taste, and I think everything else was tasty, because my mouth was burning from the spice but that was all I could really taste.

Today a storm came through that caused messy roads, uprooted trees and power outages all over the area. It ended up being an ok day to be feeling crappy, but I'm sure ready for it to be over.


C said...

Hope you feel better soon, Cherry! :)

I don't have a cold or anything, but I know how you feel. I just felt really blah yesterday. Today's much better! :)

How sweet is it that your parents brought over some chicken soup for you? Awwww!

J at said...

Sorry you were/are sick, but yesterday was really bad weather, so yes, a great day to stay the heck home!

Don Mills Diva said...

Yikes - what a sucky day. Hope you feel better tomorrow!