Monday, October 01, 2007

Back at work (again)

A few months ago I took some time off for our wedding festivities and the time eventually ended and I had to return to work. Then as I've written about, a month and a half later I had to take off more time for a myomectomy. Well, that period of time has ended and today is my first day back at work.

Things I've come to realize:
  • Alarms SUCK! - allowing my body to wake up when it wanted to felt much more natural, plus Eric was sick last night with a migraine, which equals him puking, so no one got much sleep. 5am comes quickly when one drifts off to sleep at 2am.
  • Having to commute to the office sucks more! - rolling out of bed and turning on the laptop was much better then catching trains and transfers and shuttles and walking in the rain to the office.
  • Gas, train tickets and daily lunches out is expensive! - I was saving SO MUCH MONEY not having to come into the office everyday and dropping $8-15 on lunch. Even though I was on disability and my income dropped significantly, I still managed to save money last month.
  • Schedules stop ruling my world and I LIKED IT! - I'm a control freak and I like order which includes schedules and to do lists. I had to let go of much of that and now with it creeping back in I want to see if I can find a balance.
Thank you for listening. I will try to stop whining about my commute situation soon... you know, as soon as it's no longer a "situation".


Starshine said...

I like what you said about finding the balance. I bet you will discover many cool blessings that come from the down time you had.

Mostly, I hope you're feeling 100% very soon, if you're not already.


Gina said...

Can you brown bag it a couple of days? I know that Hubba-hubba started doing that on some days, and it saved quite a bit of money.

Autumn's Mom said...

Happy first day back at work. and it was fun IM'ing today. haha So at least it wasn't ALL work ;)

Love Bears All Things said...

Take some leftovers from dinner. They have all kind of containers that keep cool, cool and hot,hot these days.
Glad your day back went well. Hope things get easier as you get back in the swing of things.
Mama Bear

J at said...

Sorry you had to go back to work today. I was thinking about you, even though I didn't go online. We took the day off to recover from Yosemite. ;)

Karen MEG said...

Hope this becomes more "normal" for you really soon. It does take time to adjust after you've been off a while - that's why I'm petrified of picking up my work life again, even though a part of me is really anxious to. It's nice to have the flexibility to let the alarms go and not have such a commute every day.
Lunch like that is expensive! The others have great ideas about leftovers and the like. I always did that for my lunch; but hubby's lucky they have a subsidized cafeteria at work. He can get a full meal for less than $5!