Monday, October 29, 2007

Gettin' out of the house

Eric and I don't get out much. We tend to be home bodies, and this frustrates us, because there is no other reason other then laziness. We both enjoy being active participants of life but our asses are very heavily drawn the couch, the bed, or to the comfy office chairs I spent way too much money on.

Last week, my co-worker announced that she had some tickets to a Taiko concert/show in Napa, on Saturday and she was no longer able to go. I quickly jumped at the chance because we both enjoy these types of shows. It is cultural, it is worldy, it is full of energy and it's just pretty cool! Plus, it's a great reason to drive up to Napa which really is only a 40 minute drive from our house but we tend to forget that it's so close.

We had hoped to get in a casual but tasty dinner before the show, but we got a late start and my mom had asked us to fill up her car with gas (she breaks out in a rash if she does it and there just aren't full-service stations around anymore), so we let go of the idea of dining at a lovely Napa restaurant. We took our time getting ready and still found we had 45 minutes before the show, so we got our casual but tasty dinner of In & Out burger, fries, and a shake and Dr. Pepper to share. And honestly... the best part of that meal was the Dr. Pepper (we don't drink much soda and it was so luxurious!)

We arrived at the Napa Valley Opera House to find that we were TOTALLY overdressed. I put Eric in a casual but nice button down and some black slacks and I was in a cut little matte jersey dress. We don't have reasons to dress up much (since we tend to not leave the house), so we took the opportunity and ran with it. The rest of the play house was dressed rather casually... good to know for the next time we head to Napa for a show.

The show was fantastic though. So full of energy and rhythm. If you ever get a chance to see a Taiko Drum group, I would highly recommend it. I wish that I had thought of inviting some other friends and their kids because it was a perfect show for kids. Perhaps a little late running, but I think I know a few pre-teens who would have really enjoyed it (and their parent's too).

This week we have 2 parties to go to, so we are feeling all grown up and social suddenly. It's very odd! But the big question now...what will I wear?


Kim said...

Love the taiko drummers!! They come to our pier pretty regularly! and best of all it's free!!!

Karen MEG said...

I've always wanted to see that performance! And in Napa Valley - so jealous! It sounds like you had a wonderful evening.
I find nowadays that people don't dress up as much as they should - it's all become so informal, even a night at the theatre. Why not dress up for a special night out? It's special for you guys, and that's what matters.
Keep in mind that I'm a major shopaholic always looking for a new outfit for each event, so perhaps I'm not the best pal to ask of this type of advice - and my husband always said that I've always overdressed, only after we had kids have I toned it down a bit. Whatevah!

J at said...

Hard to know what to wear so often...a couple of years ago we were going to an elegant little French restaurant in San Francisco, on Nob Hill. We took Maya with us, and made her dress up. She said, but people will be in jeans! No, we said, this is a nice restaurant. Guess who was right? She was. Of course, we had the satisfaction of knowing that we were teaching her how you're SUPPOSED to dress at places like that, but oh well.

The drumming sounds SO fun. Wish we could have gone...we had other plans on Saturday anyway, so it wouldn't have worked for us. But another time, it would have worked out great.

Starshine said...

I'd love to see a performance like that.

In my 2 years in CA, I still haven't been to Napa. Neither has Hubs. I think I feel a road trip coming on!

Karen MEG said...

forgot to mention - I've passed you an award! drop by when you get a chance!

Autumn's Mom said...

I'm so glad you got out and had a good time!!

lalunas said...

So glad you enjoyed the show. Sounds really interesting

Love Bears All Things said...

Well, I for one think the casual thing has been overdone. I still think some events deserve dress up.
So I say good for you. It made you feel good and that was important.
Hope the hair is still doing well and the presentation went great!
Mama Bear

Gina said...

I love Napa, and I've seen a drumming group similar to that. They were awesome and so much energy, they made me practically bounce in my seat!

C said...

Ooooooh! I love the Taiko drums!!! Lucky girl!

ML said...

Seems like no one dresses up anymore.

That sounds like a blast!