Friday, October 26, 2007

More goings on about the hair

I wrote that little post about the perm right after I walked in the door from the salon and I was still reeling from the sudden decision to frizz out my hair. Now that it has been a few days, and this morning I was finally able to wash it, I don't think its THAT bad anymore.
It's a "body wave" done with big perm rods and it was way curly the night I got it done. Then the next few days it was looking sad from the not being allowed to touch it business (for those non-perm havers, you can't wash, brush or generally do anything with permed hair for the first few days to allow the hairs to "remember" the curl since the chemicals are still doing their thing).
So now that I got to play with it.... I don't love it, but I don't totally hate it either. I blew out my bangs so they aren't one big cork stew anymore (think Squiggy), and I put in some de-frizzing serum and shine stuff. I don't like the way it hangs and its more kinky then curly, but maybe when I go back on Tuesday for a cut, she can make it have more shape. I dunno.... I miss my shiny, wash and go hair, but maybe I needed a little change to spark things up a bit.

The night I got the perm I couldn't sleep. I was having little anxiety pangs. Little freak outs about the hair, and then fearing the teasing I would get at work, and then realizing that I have to stand up in front of my whole department and do a training in a few days... WITH THIS HAIR! And then of course I started freaking out that I hadn't finished writing my presentation and had no idea what I was going to do with my hair for the presentation. And things just spiraled down from there.

And now today... I have ok hair, I am dressed in a casual but sharp sweater (I was so not going to wear a costume like most people in the office), and my presentation is at 1:30pm. So far I'm not all that nervous, just a little.. if I think about it, so I will stop thinking about it now.

Oh... and by the way... IT'S FRIDAY! and the best thing about that.... I get to SLEEP IN tomorrow AND my presentation will be over, oh and we're going to a Taiko Drum group concert in Napa.

May you all have fabulous hair this weekend!


Gina said...

You too! We have a party and carnival filled weekend.

Glad to hear about the hair!

J at said...

I like the idea of cork stew hair...very interesting. :)

I'm glad your hair is calming down, and I hope it turns into wash and go hair soon. The idea in my head is that curly haired folks have it so easy, and their hair is always wash and go. When I had permed hair (1984), it was very wash and go.

Karen MEG said...

So glad the hair is better. I've had a few bad perms in my lifetime, one on permanent record (we're talking GRAD PHOTO), so it's not like I can really burn it or anything.
Have fun at the concert!

lalunas said...

Next week the hair will calm down some more and you will grow more used to styling it. You would look marvelous with any hairstyle.

ML said...

Hope your weekend was fab!

Starshine said...

Happy Monday! I hope the presentation and the hair did great!

C said...

Once you get used to it, you'll find you'll probably actually love your perm. :) I'm sure you look great with whatever hairstyle you have.

So, when do we get to see pics? ;)