Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Pain in the...

!!!Whine Warning!!!

It's going around, and I've been fighting it for a few weeks but I seem to have given in last Friday. Halfway through the day my low-grade sinus headache turned migraine and work became impossible. Many drugs were taken and they took the edge off, but the headache never left.

Then came a Saturday I had been looking forward to, which was planned to be chock full of fun with friends. I made it to lunch with friends where the headache got worse and the call of the nap cried loud. Then I decided to go ahead and drive down south for a girls-night out but my eye was really bothering me. Low and behold, one of my contacts had ripped and I didn't have any back-ups. This was a clear sign that I needed to go home, so I drove all the way stupidly half blind, which didn't really help with the headache.

And now it's Tuesday. Headache is still going even with pain meds and decongestants. Appetite comes and goes, as does the ability to look at glowing screens for prolonged periods of time (which kinda sucks when your job and much entertainment relies on glowing screens). I'm tired of sleeping, and tired of getting tired and fevery when I decide to do anything other then sleep and not look at glowing screens.

Good thing this didn't hit during NaBloPoMo or I woulda really blown it more then I did just with everyday life dealings. Hopefully I'll be back to my bloggy self soon, although work has backed up a tad so I may take this opportunity to start a more manageable and reasonable blogging time schedule. It tends to get a little out of control.


Susan in Italy said...

Ugh! Sorry Cherry, hope you feel better soon!

ML said...

Man, I'm so sorry you're having a hell of a time! Hope you feel better really soon!

Py Korry said...

Dang! I'm surprised that you were able to write so well with a headache like that!

Hope you get better soon.

Gina said...

Feel better soon!

beenzzz said...

Man, that sounds rough. Sinus headaches are the worst! Sorry about your contact lens. Hope you start feeling better soon.

J said...

Poor Cherry. Go home. NOW. :(

I read in a yoga book the other day that says that wrapping an ace bandage around your head will cure a migraine or normal headache. I haven't tried it, though. Basically, you start with the bandage between your eyebrows, and wrap it around your head, covering both of your eyes. (Maybe not while driving, OK?) After you finish wrapping, place your index fingers under the bandage, and slide them across your eyelids, which evens out the skin and makes you more comfy. You will look kind of like a mummy, but you won't be able to see, so it doesn't matter. Lay down in the 'head support pose' and relax until the headache goes away.

I don't know if this works, but it made me think of you and migraines. :)

I looked online to see if I could find a picture of this, but I can't. I could scan it for you if you'd like.