Monday, December 05, 2005

Post Office - Ho Ho Woes

I need stamps. Holiday Stamps. So I can send out greeting cards.... yea, thats why I haven't sent those out yet... yeah, thats the ticket. You just can't put the everyday Flag stamp on a Holiday Card. Oh no! You must make an extra trip to the Post Office to pick up different stamps to decorate that envelope that will not be noticed and will end up in the shredder or recycling bin within moments of its receipt.

There is a post office right across the street from my office, so its usually very handy to get things done there in the middle of the day when no one else is supposed to be there. Unfortunetly, the other 20+ people in the post office line today had that same idea. The line was already to the door when I entered the building, and continued to build behind me.

I noted the Automated Machine had a sign that said it had Holiday Stamps, so I stepped out of line to use that. YEAH, I can use the niffty machine and skip the line. But no, it wasn't working for purchases at the moment. So back in line I got (thank you to the person that let me back in at the same spot!). I stand there thinking, "I really hope they have them and I'm not waiting here just to not be working right now!", so I scan the walls for a sign saying they are sorry but they are out of holiday stamps. I've seen this on more then one occassion, and I'm usually irritated at the waste of time of the trip, but thankful for the sign.

30 minutes passed until I got to the front of the line, when of course they had the changing of the guard, so I had to wait for the new lady to tiddy up her work space and sign in. She smiles and asks, "May I help you?"

I kindly ask for 4 packs of Holiday stamps, and she says they are out, and the supervisor is sick so they can't order more. HELLO, did I jinx myself?
She smiles and offers me flowers or love designs, and I thanked her, and said maybe they should put up a sign.


So if no one gets a Holiday Card from me...there is my excuse! :-)

Happy holidays everyone!


Autumn's Mom said...

I'm telling. The UPS Stores are THE BEST. Last year at this time I was practically living at the place this time last year and there were never too many people. My unsigned greeting is on it's way to you. hahaha

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