Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Game Over

Back to work
Back to the house that screams "FIX ME!"
Back to the carpet that is covered in cat puke
Back to trying to figure out what to do about my life
Back to waking up before the sun
Back to dreaming about hiking everyday, instead of doing it

But also back to normal schedules,
and lovey kitties,
and the gym,
and no tempation of an XBOX,
and warmer weather (still wet, but so much warmer!)
and my own kitchen toys.

Vacations are good, but home is nice too.


Autumn's Mom said...

We are glad you are back. :D


I'm not just saying that.

Really. YES REALLY! now shut up!

J said...

Welcome Home Missy! We missed you...and we're glad you had a lovely time. :)