Monday, December 19, 2005

Vacationing with the SIMs

Days into the Vacation = 3
Days spent playing SIMs = 2

The last 2 days have been full of gorgeous sunshine, low winds, and beautiful sites. Too bad I spent them staring at my laptop playing SIMs. I have literally been staring at the screen for almost 2 full days. Besides the intermittent trips to the bathroom, breaks to play on the XBox with the family, and going out to eat, I've been totally engrossed in directing a family of simulated beings. If I can't run my life smoothly, I need to get that satisfaction somewhere else!


Autumn's Mom said...

ahhh time with the family. However simulated they may be

J said...

I think similar things have happened to my brother...he calls the Sims a HUGE "Time Suck". Pull away from the dark side, missy!

Autumn's Mom said...

Remember that old TV movie from the 80's where Tom Hanks was playing dungeons & dragons all the time. HE BECAME the dungeons or maybe the dragons. Anyway, put them away. AH AH AH PUT THEM AWAY!