Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Taming the Lazy

A few weeks ago I was inspired by Angie and J to get off my butt and to start doing something about my growing assets (clearly not the stock market kind of assets by the look of the DOW lately). Sure, as we age things change and it gets harder to get in shape, stay in shape and we have to pay a little more attention to what we eat and do. Working full-time with a killer commute doesn't freely give me a lot of time to be in the shape I'd like to be in. So I have to make the time and work it into my routine, which kind of goes against the lazy which encroaches on me when I'm at home.

Angie suggested I try the "Couch Potato to 5K" plan she used, and she recently completed her first 5K (and this woman has kids and an organic farm, so what's my excuse?). I had actually read this plan a few years ago but never got out there to do it.

J, I have always seen her to be a lovely, well balanced mother, wife and woman, who knows the importance of staying active. She works full-time, cooks for her family, reads, spend quality time with family and friends, and still takes the time to go on long walks and goes to yoga.

If these women, who have far more complicated lives then I, can take the initiative and the effort to get in shape, well then by golly I can do it too! Of course this means getting up early in the morning because it's dark by the time I get home, or would be dark half way through the run, and I'm a chicken like that. I'm not so good at the get up in the morning, but I'm trying.

Things are going well with this training to run thing, you know after a week. Eric is out running/walking with me and we're both already noticing it getting easier. Each time we go out I notice parts of my body being tight then loosening, and I'm just overall really mindful of my body (and the little pains which come and go).

Last weekend we threw in the hike we used to do everyday back when we were younger and were training for a Yosemite backpacking trip. We used to be able to do this hilly 3 mile hike in 45 minutes. This time it took us 75 minutes but we didn't try to push it, and we stood and watched a hawk and a bunch of baby cows for quite a while. I was just thrilled that I could get up the hills without huffing and puffing. Slow and steady was the motto.

The funny thing is, I felt only slightly sore after all of this. But one morning of bowling at a work party/offsite outing, and my left cheek is so SORE! Who knew bowling worked the body that much! I'm feeling pretty off balance, so maybe I should run tonight but only make left turns or do a lot of stair climbing with only my right leg. I guess if I were to take up bowling regularly (I can't afford it but you know if...) then I'd have a really hot half an ass!


J at www.jellyjules.com said...

HA! That last bit cracked me up! Well, I've decided already NOT to do the training as scheduled. Sigh. I find it too frustrating to have to watch any kind of time piece, when I'd rather be enjoying my iPod. However, I AM being conscious of speed walking periodically through my walk, which has taken about 5 minutes off of the walk. I need to do it even more, and hopefully I'll work on it...

Sigh. The Gilad is helping with the toned feeling, but as I read somewhere, the 6 pack abs might be under there, but you can't SEE them if they're covered with flab. Yup, that's me.

~Donna~ said...

Hee hee...great post. It always comes down to you having to decide what you want in your life and then doing it. I totally suck at that right now. I'm working on it tho. Slowly. Rode Spencer's bike yest and OMG does my butt hurt. hate those tiny guy seats...other than that it was fun. I get my bike next week - hopefully - and it'll have a nice big comfy seat. Then I will make the decision about class.

Yay for you for getting up and getting going! I hear once you get a routine going, it gets easier and easier.

Autumn's Mom said...

hahaha so if you bowled using your other hand, would you end up with a whole hot ass??? I've been in such a rut. I drive down the street I used to walk every single day and miss it. Yet, I'm just too tired. I hope I settle in soon, so I can get myself into a routine that includes exercising again.

Ted said...

I think with you and Eric running together makes it easier because you can keep each other motivated.

Karen MEG said...

A hot half ass ... you're a hoot! I think it's working muscles that you're not normally used to working.

Getting into a fitness routine is really tough at first.. but the key is routine... and then it's a lot easier. And I agree, running with Eric is great. Ian and I make it a part of our schedule to go to the gym every Saturday ... he does his weights and machines, I do my class, the kids like the childminding. No excuses!

Good luck!