Sunday, October 26, 2008

Missing the Big Picture

For a few years I was really into capturing my days via this blog and my camera. So I haven't been all that great with the blog, but I've been really crappy with the camera. Over there on the sidebar I have a link to my most recent photos on Flickr. Those same cute pictures of my friend's baby girl have been looking all cute and cuddly for over a year. The other day my Mother-in-Law asked me for the URL for my photo site, and I had to go look it up, because it's been THAT LONG! And I was sad to see the last photo uploaded was from Sept 2007. That cute cuddly little baby, ain't no baby anymore although she's still cute and cuddly.

But how does one update Flickr with over a years worth of photos? Well one answer is, you don't. You just start from now and move forward. But I do have well over 1.5 GB of photos which have been taken, but some I'd really like to get up on Flickr, and many with are not worthy. You know, taking 30 pictures of the same 2 brownies doesn't really count as a month of meaningful photos. Maybe 1 of those would be uploaded. And the rest? well I don't know. Disk space is cheaper these days, but do I really want to buy more disk space to store 30 photos of the same 2 brownies? probably not. But I do need to get them off of my camera's discs. Can't use it if I can't store them.

Then there comes a new development which is preventing me from doing much with the photos. My home desktop's hard drive died. Sure I can buy a new one, and reload everything on it and restore from backup, but really... this computer is old and was already showing signs of eminent death beyond the hard drive long before it finally passed. Sad to think that something purchased 8 years ago is considered old. But this is the life of a computer and 8 years is pretty darn old. It was my first and it served me well. and luckily I had seen the signs and backed up everything I cared about off of the ailing machine.

So before I can start using my camera again, I need to get a bunch of photos off of the camera or buy more memory for it (which I have plenty so that's dumb), and before I can get the photos off I need to figure out where to put them and to then sort through them and well... that all just takes time.

If you have any extra time, just let me know and I'll be right over to pick some up. Thanks!


Starshine said...

Well, at least you have a goal, right?!!!

I look forward to seeing more pics from the last year soon!

I'm really into simplification. You know, you can't take it with you, so why carry so much "clutter" through life with me? I enjoy a good de-cluttering every so often.

I used to be such a pack rat!

~Donna~ said...

Good for you! I have dreams of organizing all my photos- electronic and printed. I was into photography intensely before Spencer was born and when he was a baby, so I have tons of printed photos...many that i printed myself. Have lots to go thru and will be scanning all the printed ones i really want to keep. When I got my digi cam, well, I've got gigs and gigs of photos, most of which are dups like you have. Sigh..another big project like the yarn, fabric, bead, art supplies, etc organizing i need to do. I'm outta control. sigh...

Ted said...

You could buy an external drive to store the pics until you get a new computer. Or just load them on Eric's laptop. :-)