Monday, October 30, 2006

My pretty pretty bride

This weekend we attended a Halloween party at a friend's house. I generally either go all out, or don't do anything at all, and this year we decided to try a Bride and Groom get up seeing as this goes along with the topic of many of our conversations. But now of course, we couldn't just do your everyday bride and groom... oh no. Eric wanted to be the bride.

A few weeks ago we started looking at thrift stores and craigslist and eBay to find a used dress that wouldn't cost us too much for a costume. We were all into it and then got busy with life and such, and forgot about it. Of course a few days before the party a bit of a panic set in (just for me... he was totally cool with whatever we did). The night before the party I all but gave up on the bride and groom idea and just wanted anything that would make due for a costume.

Of course we ended up at one of those overpriced Halloween stores with just about all the other procrastinators in the area. I was stressed, disappointed at the lack of merchandise left, and got... well... pissy. Eric put me in my place and reminded me that this costume business was about having fun, not about being perfect. He was right, but even though I knew I needed to have fun and try to salvage the fun of our hunt, it was hard to get passed my gloom.

Eric suggested we go to Target, that maybe we would be inspired there. I totally poo-poo'd his idea but went along anyway. Some hunting through the aisles was not turning up anything, and the grumpy me was creeping back. Then we just decided to shop. Low and behold..... a white strapless dress casually tossed over the clearance rack in the Junior's area. It was a size 18, so I had plenty to work with to get it to fit on Eric's not to girlish figure. Finally a breakthrough in my mood.

Add a little handy work with some Safty-pins, a bunch of tulle, Costco flowers, an old headband, fake eyelashes and make-up....Voila! My pretty pretty bride.

The pretty pretty bride is pictured here with our friend Omar as the Mayor from
The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sadly I have no pictures of both of us as I was behind the camera... funny how it worked out like that.


Gina said...

LOL! That is a great picture!

I am the same way about costumes, it's like if I'm gonna do it, it had better be right.

J said...

He's gorgeaus. ;) Congrats on the wedding.

Py Korry said...

Love the outfit!

lalunas said...

Oh What a beautiful bride, blushing and all.