Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Changing of the Clocks

Texas Sunset LandscapeAround this time of year I usually start wondering when we will change our clocks again to go back to Pacific Standard Time. I have been lucky enough to remember "Fall Back, Spring Forward", and never really grasp that there was an actual rule to when we go through this ritual of saying hello to cold darkness and goodbye to bright summer evenings.

Believe me I never look forward to "Falling Back" because it means going back to living in the dark. Its dark when I go into the office, and its dark when I come out. In the spring and summer I always feel a sense of being alive and a boost of energy to come out of a long day at work, to a sunny sky that is beckoning for an after dinner hike, or a walk around the town square for ice cream.

So today, I was getting curious about when it will be time to welcome back the darkness, and I wandered about the net (actually I was researching some stuff for work since I have to do system testing with time changes and leap years and stuff, but that's all boring junk). In my search I came across a new US Daylight Saving time rule which starts next year. I haven't found the reason for it yet, but starting next year we will be extending Daylight Saving by 2 months. Starting in March and going to November (its been April to October for those, like myself, didn't know the rule).

I always feel like I have a hard time adjusting to the change anyway, and now its changing even more. I'm curious if I'll even notice, or will this be just another step in taking each day as it comes.


J said...

It's to save's an energy saver to be on Daylight Savings, because people don't need to turn on their lights as early in the evening. That's my understanding of why, at least. I wish they would just switch us to daylight savings ALL YEAR. I mean, you could argue that we should suck it up and live in the time zone we live in, but I say, Hell, we're the US, we can say it's whatever time we want it to be, and no one can tell us differently! HA!

J said...

Oh...forgot to be's Daylight Saving Time, not Savings time. I know, I said Savings in my comment. Just goes to show that my brain thinks of it that way before it remembers the correct way. ;)

lalunas said...

I don't like the time change, every six months I complain like a old lady. I have even said that I'm moving to Arizona or France. Because they are so superior they don't do the time change thing. After about a week and half I just fall back into forgetting we cranked the clock forward or backward, and then six months later it starts all over again. Ugh!

Gina said...

As a parent with a young child, the whole thing sucks monkey balls. You finally get them into a sleep schedule, and wham, time to change again!

Py Korry said...

I hate that jet lag feeling when the clocks change. Just pick a time and stick with it! No more back and forth...please?