Thursday, October 05, 2006


The mornings have been crisper, and clouds have been hiding the rising sun. As I take to the road for my daily commute, I have been seeing the sun fight its way through the clouds. By the time I reach the other side of the Oakland hills, the sun has usually made its way through the clouds and its sun, sun, sun the rest of the day. But yesterday was a little different. There was a forecast for rain, and dark clouds hanging over the city, and I was heading straight for them.

Yesterday afternoon the first drops of the season fell. I had mixed feelings as I looked out the window to see the shiny asphalt of the parking lot. I admit I let out a few sighs, and even whined a touch, but as I walked out the door of the office on my way to my car I took in a deep breath and began to smile. I know this sounds hokey, but it felt like I was breathing in life and I couldn't get enough.

I don't ever recall being happy about the change to Autumn. I love summer. Love it to pieces. Even when it has been over 100 degrees for a week and doesn't cool down at night, I will still take it over the rain and cold. But this year it different. All day long I sit in an office and think about the moment I will walk into my house so I can pull on a comfy oversized sweatshirt and comfy pants and fuzzy socks. I have been waiting for the fall crisp apples so I can make pies and tarts. I've already begun planning my Holiday cookie extravaganza, and have picked out what cards we will send.

Perhaps I really am finally growing up. I finally don't associate summer with freedom and play. This summer has been the hardest when it comes to my job, and I know that this hell is scheduled to end in November, so this summer has not been the fun filled days I recall. I am looking forward to things slowing down. To weekends of cooking, and holiday parties and family. To cuddling up with my lovey and the kitties with blankets, hot tea, and a movie. Autumn and Winter are so much slower. I'm beginning to like slower.


J said...

Really nice post. :) I love autumn. This morning, Maya and I were walking to school, talking about what we like about each season, what we will miss about the seasons as they fall behind was nice.

Gina said...

Slow is good! I'm practically an expert at slow!

There is something so nice about the first rainfall of the season, though.

Tracy said...

"I know this sounds hokey, but it felt like I was breathing in life and I couldn't get enough."

That doesn't sound hokey...that sounds wonderful!

Have a wonderful weekend with your lovey and your cozy clothes!

laluna said...

I like it when it rains, the air smells so fresh. I take in deep breaths and it feel so nice.

Anonymous said...

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