Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Not white enough!

This country has become obsessed with white teeth. Of course we already know that our society is very judgey based on looks, and anything that makes you look "good" will sell. Who knows if all of those home bleaching kits are good for us, or if they really make a difference. They are certainly cheaper then the dentist doing it, but I've heard of some nasty side effects.

A few months ago I made an appointment to get my teeth whitened at a local BrightSmile "spa". They claim they will whiten your teeth in 1 hour, and they will look natural (no Ross glow in the dark teeth). I was so excited for my appointment because this was my treat to myself before I started my new job. E took some 'before' picture of my teeth so we could compare. I first went to have lunch with J, who said I should come by after the appointment so she could see the difference. After looking closely at my teeth (which was an odd experience to have a friend look that closely at your teeth), she told me I was wasting my money because my teeth were already white. I said, maybe I am but I think they are yellow and I wanna do it. So off I go to my appointment.

I filled out their 5 page form, and they took me straight back. I sat in a comfy exam chair and got to watch TV while I waited for the dentist. She talked to me about the procedure, and asked about my medical and oral hygiene history. Then asked if I had any questions or concerns. I told her I have been told that my teeth look just fine and was concerned if I was wasting my money. So she took out the tooth color scale thingy and showed me that I was basically 2-3 steps in from bleached white teeth, and that the current color of my teeth is most people's goal color AFTER they have the procedure. She told me that I wouldn't likely see much of a difference and that it was up to me. I decided to forgo my treat to myself and take the $400 refund.

So now I sit here chewing Trident White gum. I chew it everyday after my morning tea and after lunch. I don't know if it will whiten my teeth, but at least I feel like I'm doing something. My dentist won't be happy though, considering he told me I have jaw issues and shouldn't chew gum. Trade offs for the sake of looking good!! (Damn society)


Autumn's Mom said...

I'm glad you got the refund, and that they told you that rather than being greedy. My hygenist said I really didn't need it so I've not done it. Of course, I think I need it. But I think I'm gonna take her word for it for now :)

J said...

Welcome back!

Pony Storm's Ride said...

Jaw issues! They can always find SOMETHING, can't they? Until fairly recently there was no such animal as a "dental hygenist" and we all got along just fine, thank you. The same applies ,I suspect, to those in another area who are pushing colonoscopies and other "procedures" that didn't even exist a few years ago.

Ted said...

Don't stress over the whiteness of your teeth! I've seen you smile plenty of times and you certainly have bright smile that many would envy!