Tuesday, May 30, 2006

House of Crap

Our home is full of shit. It isn't actual shit (even though the two large cats try really hard to make that happen), but at this point it's more like a large load of crap. We simply have too much stuff for our space. I feel like we have been in constant purge mode for years. Very little crap comes in, and lots of crap goes out, however it always feels like there is more and more to throw out. We have tried the 'Clean Sweep' technique of pulling everything out of a room or closet, and then going through it quickly with a time limit and putting everything into piles of Toss, Keep, & Give Away. This usually starts out with good intentions, but let's just say that my living room has been riddled with these piles for for over a month.

We had the idea that we'd go through the books and nik-naks in the bookcases and make a pile of books we were ready to part with. 6 bags of books to keep, 1 to go to the library. And most of the nik-naks? in the trash (sorry mom). So the 6 bags of books remain on the floor with a pile of frames with assorted pictures of friends I don't really speak to anymore. I can't seem to put the books back in the bookcase, because I really don't want the bookcase there, but alas.. there is no room anywhere else.

Behind the fluffy chair, were about 10 large frames of pictures and mirrors that we each had collected in our young adult years of freedom. Neither of us like each other's pictures, so they didn't find homes on the walls, yet we weren't ready to part with them yet. This pile of 10 is now a pile of 3, and is now leaning against the ottoman because we still don't really like them, but think they might be ok someday. UGH!

The same project hit the office, but that project had a lot more momentum. We got rid of almost all of the furniture (including E's sister's college futon and desk, which he fought and fought against parting with, and then finally realized that the space just wasn't working). Some went to the dump and some to a consignment store which sold the same day. We bought a new room encompassing desk system from IKEA, which gives us each our own workspace, plus room for E's drafting table. It looked GREAT! Until we realized that all of the office crap was now in the bedroom. ARGH!

And so the cycle continues.

Tune in next week to see if I stop stubbing my toes on the cheap $19 bookcases, piles of really old programming books and other computer junk on the bedroom floor.


J said...

Crap. That's my house, too. Full of crap. You've seen the closet, but not the drawers. Last year, that was my new years resolution, to get rid of crap. I did a pretty good job in each area, but they have all accumulated MORE CRAP since then. Sigh. We need to move. We never purge as well as we do when we move. If we DO end up moving, know that my secret reason will be to GET RID OF CRAP.

Matthew said...

You're back! I'm going to have to update my blogroll. What happened to your old address?!